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NYX Matte Lipsticks in Tea Rose and Eurotrash Review and Lip Swatches - Cruelty Free Makeup

NYX are a fairly new brand to come to the UK, however over the past 6 months they started to take over my makeup collection, especially in the lip category. 

One of the first products I bought was the matte lipstick in Tea Rose. A gorgeous soft dusky pink shade. I really liked it but it got overshadowed in my collection by the many other matte lip products I own, and to be honest I totally forgot about it. 

Then, a few weeks ago, I was in my local Boots and decided to peruse the NYX counter (still not an experience I enjoy, the standards haven't really improved since my last rant post). I've already got all the shades of Lip Suede, Lip Cream, Lip Lingerie and almost all Butter Lipsticks I could want, so I found myself browsing the other lipstick lines and that's when I noticed Eurotrash and remembered about Tea Rose.

Top Eurotrash and bottom Tea Rose
So there they are. Packaging wise these lipsticks are very similar to the Butter lipsticks, the only difference being the ends of the bullet are all matte black and not coloured plastic that matches the colour of the product. I like this style of packaging, simple and effective. I also think the window is a nice touch as it means you can tell which lipstick is which without having to check the bottom or opening them. On a tangent, I've noticed NYX also print the name of the product down the body of the product as well, which I like too as it saves squinting at the bottom.

And here are the swatches. As you can see Eurotrash is very nude whereas Tea Rose is far more pink. They are both however, very nice wearable everyday colours.

Lip Swatch : Eurotrash
Lip Swatch: Tea Rose
Formula wise these lipsticks are really nice. They're soft and easy to apply with a good pigment pay off. And although they are maybe not truly matte in the same way a liquid lipstick would be, they are far more matte than a standard lipstick and far more comfortable than any liquid lipstick I have tried, even the really comfortable ones.

They don't last a really long time, however they wear off evenly and don't smudge that much when you kiss. They also feel really moisturising and leave my lips feeling in great condition. I've placed these two in my work makeup bag as they're lovely, wearable, "office appropriate" colours (although that never stopped me wearing dark purple). Ideal for applying after lunch when other products have worn off or started to flake and I need something for the afternoon.

I'd be really interested in trying more colours from this range as there are some gorgeous burnt oranges and dark reds. I'm just a bit worried they may suffer from the same formula inconsistancies that other NYX lines do, like the Full Throttle lipsticks where some are lovely and others are waxy and stiff. These two are absolutely lovely regardless.

XOXO Scruffy 

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