Sunday, 30 July 2017

Favourites July 2017 - Pixi, Kat Von D, Kiko Milano, Lime Crime, Collection, The Body Shop, Ozark

I can't believe that in two days time we will be in August. That just seems crazy to me. Where has the year gone? And that applies to the blog too. I went so good with Blogmas last year until the boiler broke and from then on I just feel like I've run out of steam a little. I couldn't believe it when I checked and the last time I actually sat down and typed up my monthly favourites was last November. My blogging notebooks have the lists for previous months in them so I really didn't think it was that long ago, good intentions and all that. 

Anyway, lets get into it, seeing as its been eight months.

Face Products

GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Foundation
I have an oily T-zone, and part of the reason I don't wear liquid foundation most of the time (despite owning several) is that over summer my oily nose can strip off the foundation within a couple of hours regardless of primer or powder. I then need to spend the rest of the day (usually in a warn office) with a big, shiny, makeup free mess in the middle of my face. The other reason is that my skin is somewhere between neutral and cool toned, and I'm pretty darn ghostly.  So finding a foundation that comes close to matching me, is at least medium coverage, and doesn't melt the moment my skin gets a teeny bit oily is a hard task. 

This works really well though. The match is close enough to my skin tone I don't need to mix it, the coverage isn't exactly what I want (I have a lot of redness down my cheeks) but it can be built up without looking cakey and as long as I powder when I arrive in the office and at lunch, it lasts till 4.30pm when I leave, which is probably the thing I found most impressive. That and it's like £8 from Superdrug (and I got it on 3 for 2). Would highly recommend to any other oily, pink toned, caspers looking for a good foundation for under £10.

Collection Primed & Ready Invisible Setting Powder
Why are you including a basic powder in your favourites Scruffy you may ask, and believe me, I've asked myself that too, but I was just really impressed by this. I only bought it for my handbag as I needed a powder and the one I originally purchased from ELF had crazy chunky packaging on it for far less product.

This is also really cheap, its £4 for 15g, which in terms of makeup is a steal. I know its like £1.50 more than the other collection powders (like the one that's been in my project pan) so compared to them its slightly more expensive but this is actually translucent, or at least I don't notice any colour, if you have a deeper skin tone than me then you may notice it. Its also one of their "powered by Witch" products, which means it claims its been enhanced with Witch Hazel and should help keep breakouts away. I don't know if it works but I'll never say no to skin clearing benefits.

Kiko Milano Radiant Brush in 03 Sunset Pomegranate
Kiko Milano blush products are some of the best I have ever tried and I love the four or five I had before I bought this in mid June. I went in store and they had two of the three blushes from this collection on offer (02 Breathtaking Azelea and this one) so I picked one of each up .Even thought I was more drawn to the other shade, I couldn't say no to a bargain. Once I got home and had a play though, I fell in love with this colour and haven't really used shade 02. 

It looks a little scary in the pan, and far brighter and darker than something I would normally like, but when its applied with a fluffy brush it just gives the most wonderful lightly flushed, slightly stained pink glow to the cheeks. I've had it like six or seven weeks maximum and the pan design is already completely gone from the middle, and thats with my fighting the urge to use it each day as there's two blush minis in my project use up I should be using instead. 

This is down to £3.80 on the Kiko website and probably is about the same instore (which is cheaper than I got it for as well), so if you're making an order or doing a shop I would highly recommend picking this up. 

Highlighters (Yes, they're getting their own section)

PIXI & Aspyn Ovard Glow-y Powder in London Lustre
I'm not a huge fan of the standard champagne, frosty, cream kind of highlight, always favouring pink or peach ones, or glowy blush toppers over them. So when I went into M&S for tights and left with this (and tights) I was a little surprised with myself. However this highlight is super pretty and I am in love with it. 

It is a bit sparkly and pretty intense so a light and is required but its just so pretty and lasts all day. I've actually gone back and purchased the other two colours from the Aspyn Ovard collab, ones a sparkly blush and the other is a more peachy golden highlight that might be a little dark for me, but if it is I'll take it on holiday and use it on my body.

Kat Von D Alchemy Palette

Bottom to top: Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst and Opal

The other highlighter(s) I have been obsessed with. The colours in this are a bit crazy but so so pretty and I have worn all of them, except Emerald, as highlight/blush topper and all four of them on my eyelids. 

It is expensive, but the colours are so vibrant, and as it isn't going to get used crazy fast and its not something you'll need or be able to re-purchase, I'd say its well worth it for a one of splurge.

Eye Products

Lime Crime Venus 2 Grunge Palette

So this palette has been in my collection for a little while but hadn't really gotten into it until this month. I actually think its been a re-action to me trying to pan the I <3 Makeup Naked Chocolate palette for the past few months, which is very nude and creates very work friendly looks, so when it gets to casual Friday or the weekend I've been gravitating towards this. 

I love all the colours in this although I haven't found a way to use either Filter or Boot (the bright blue and sparkly navy shade). Blues aren't really my thing, but all the other shades are right up my alley. Pigeon (top left corner) is this amazing brown shade with a greeny blue shift that is so nice, and the mustard and orange shades have seem some use this month. I guess my only criticism is that I can't create a whole look with it as there's no matte cream or taupe crease colour, but overall I have been loving this for creating fun looks.

Kiko Milano Precision Eyeliner

My two favourite eyeliners are the Illamasqua Precision Ink and the Kat Von D Tattoo liners, but they are both nearly £20 each, which I really hate paying for an eyeliner. I decided whilst I still had some Illamasqua left and a backup Tattoo liner in the drawer, I would try and find a cheaper alternative. After some fails (Sleek, Collection, Eye Co, MUA) one of the girls I work with recommended this one. 

It's really good, and far cheaper than either of my favourites. Its super black, lasts really well without smudging and its really easy to apply. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great eyeliner that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Wet n Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer & Kiko Milano Shadow Stick in 06 Golden Brown

So these products go hand in hand and combine to make one favourite as I only really use them together. 

I was always kind of meh with the shadow sticks as I felt they didn't last that long and creased up easily but the colours were super pretty. Thats why I added this one to my project pan as its a nice colour but I wasn't getting any use out of it and it wasn't until I wore it over the Wet n Wild primer that I fell in love. Its just the nicest bronze, shimmer brown colour

I don't really love the primer with looks that are all powder shadows as I feel like it is a little messy and can cause my eyelids to look a bit weird and puffy, but it works well with liquid and cream shadows.

This combo though, doesn't move at all, no creasing, no fading, no fallout and it lasts all day.

Other Items

Superdrug Pore Cleansing Pads

My skin has improved a lot in the last five months since I went vegetarian, which was an unexpected side effect, but it's still irritable, spot prone and a bit congested in the pore department.  When I'm having a flare up these pads really help and are probably the main reason my skin isn't an insane mess right now. 

I've been trying to use them once a day, every day, to keep on top of the pimples, rather than having a huge flare up and then having to super intensively treat my skin and have it dry out and hurt like what happened earlier this year. And its working pretty well. I'm going to keep going with them and if anything changes I'll let you know.

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau de Toilette

So this is my favourite perfume ever (I think), I did used to really like the original Ghost in the tall blue bottle and although I'm trying to use up two different perfumes I've found myself reaching for this a lot instead. I've mostly resisted but because I wanted to use it so badly I felt like I should include it in my favourites, although it is more of an all time favourite than a July specific one.

Ozark (New TV show on Netflix, no picture for it)

So I don't think I've ever really talked about TV, film or books here before, and I'm not sure why, maybe because the last thing I really loved was West World and that feels like a long time ago. 

Ozark just kind of took me by surprise and sucked me in. There was no hype and I pretty much just watched the trailer, then started watching the show, and I did the whole season in three or four days episode after episode. I'm not normally a binge watcher like that, I'll maybe watch an episode or two and then go away for a bit before I want to see what happens and I sit back down and watch some more, but I was just completely sucked in. 

Jason Bateman was fantastic as Martin Byrde, and it was nice to see him in a more serious role, although I have a theory that Martin Byrde is just a few life choices away from Michael Bluthe (Batemans character in Arrested Development). He also directed four or five of the episodes which was cool. I can't remember if I liked them more or less than the others because the whole show was great and it was one continuous story. Laura Linney also deserves serious props for her possum throwing skills.

Anyway that's everything I think.

Let me know what you have been loving.

xoxo Scruffy