Thursday, 25 August 2016

Primark Matte Liquid Lipsticks. Worth the money?

Why can't I leave Primark without picking up make-up these days?...Arghh

Any way, at the till on a recent visit I clocked some of the PS. Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the weird fishbowl things they have next to the queue. So obviously I ended up buying all three shades that were there.

The cost only £2 each, which makes them the cheapest of the cheap where liquid lipsticks are concerned. But were they worth the money?...

Left to Right: Nude, Kendall and Purple

The ones they had were Nude, although the bottom of it says Kim, (whats that all about?), Kendall which is a nice mauve greige colour and Purple, which is really red and not purple at all. Well done on that name Primark.

The tubes feel pretty cheap to be honest. I own a lot (I mean a crap load) of liquid lipstick and packaging wise, these are by far the nastiest. Its made worse as the tubes are square and when you screw the lids back on it doesn't line up properly. Huge pet hate of mine.

That being said, the colours are so pretty.

The formula is OK. Its definitely better on the two lighter shades than the red. The red is slightly drier and doesn't apply nearly as well. It feels like you're wiping the same product around rather than actually applying it smoothly. However, once I was able to apply it, I was impressed by the colour. Its still not purple though. They dried down nicely as well which I was surprised about.

Once I was confirmed they weren't going to stain the heck out my face I decided to try a couple. The nude is just a nude so I didn't play with that.

Now, full disclaimer. These photos are not cute. Focus on the lips please.

Here's Kendall. Its a lot like Ghoulish by LA Splash but feels a bit more comfortable. At this point I'm pretty impressed.
And Purple is... Still not purple. It is a nice dark red. I did have the same problem applying it as I had swatching it. Once it was on I loved it though.

So does it pass the wear-ability test.

First drink, small amount of smudge and fall out but no where near as bad as I expected. Also this was all that came off throughout my whole cuppa, so its performing better than some liquid lipsticks that cost 5x as much.

And after dinner it was still going strong.

Sorry 'bout the sparkle. Swatched something glitterbomby and its gone everywhere.

OK so there's a little flaking and fading round the centre but it performed so well. My dinner wasn't particularly oily, and they're known for stripping liquid lipsticks off. But I'm still so impressed. I mean, how good is that?

Removing the lipstick was a bit of a pain, but no more than some of the other long wear lipsticks I own. I learned a while ago that if you rub a lip balm (I have a cheap Nivea one) over the lipstick and let it soak in for a couple of minutes, usually they will just wipe off with a soft cloth or facial wipe. This worked a treat and within seconds I was lipstick free.

To summarize, I'd give these lipsticks a 8 out of 10. The pigmentation is great, and they seem to last a crazy long time. My only reservation is the application of them, the doe-foot is one of the weird long ones and the formula is a bit hard to work with but once applied they're great.

Definitely worth the money.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

New MUA LUXE Inked Lip Stains - Thoughts and Swatches

 This is an impromtue post I hadn't planned on writing, but as these are new out and I've ended up with 80%  of the range, I figured why not.

These are from the MUA and are part of the LUXE line. Theres 5 colours, I bought four of them and they cost £4 each. I had only planned on getting two but after picking them up and playing with them I was so impressed I went out and picked up two more. The only colour I didnt get was Dewbury which was insane, and as these are stains I thought I could a lot of damage with that decided not to go with that.

Top-Bottom. Tropicana, Watermelon, Maraschino, Sangria
So I was unsure how to swatch these, as I already made the mistake of swatching Tropicana on my skin in the shop, and yeah. They really stain that was a really bad mistake. So that wasn't happening again.

Best thing I could come up with was this.

Top-Bottom. Tropicana, Watermelon, Maraschino, Sangria
As you can see, they're bright. I've done you some lip swatches for ya'll too, so if you want to see some photos of my mouth then keep scrolling. I have no other make up on in the pictures and managed to smudge Tropica all over my face, so they're a real treat.

Couple of things. These have a slight smell, its not much or bad but it is there. Also they apply super runny but dry very quickly. They taste super bad if they get in your mouth so not letting that happen is a good thing.

I had Sangria on yesterday, applied it before lunch and even thought the top layer of product wore, the stain stayed on all day and was still visable at 10pm at night.

In short, these things are amazing. I just need them bring out some more colours, a mid-tone pink would be amazing. All four of them are coming on holiday with me, thought I can see me wearing watermelon most.

MUA is available at Superdrug and online. They're stuff is also cruelty free which is a big bonus.

I bought all the products mentioned in this review myself and all the opinions are mine.

Monday, 8 August 2016

First Impressions - Technic Colour Max Baked Eyeshadow Palette

I love a bargain, and theres a couple of brands I've been curious about for a while. Technic is one of them and after doing some research, it looked as though the parent company Badgequo do not test on animals.

They're webiste is a little confusing, however I went to a couple of cruelty free blogs I trust, and they said they were fine, so I've basically bought these on faith. I'm comfortable with that, however if you need something more concrete please don't make word for it.

There are four palettes in the range. I picked up two of them, the blue and silver one and the red and copper one. There is also a pink and purple and red and blue one. Neither of those ones grabbed my attention and I actually found the red and blue one a bit weird. They were £2.99 each and these two are so pretty.

The packaging is a nice and sturdy plastic with black and silver detailing. I like that its not a solid colour and you can see what you're reaching for as well. I can count the number of times of times I've reached for the wrong thing in the morning and ended up with some highly questionable looks. You get 2 grams of each colour, which is quite a lot of product. They do have a smell, its not strong or overpowering, its familiar though but I can't place it.

Now on to some swatchy swatches...

Blue Palette.

And Red Palette.

See what I mean when I say they are so pretty. They are a tiny bit powdery, so once I'd swatched them their was some loose pigment round the edges. However at less the 40 pence a shadow I'm not going cry over a tiny bit of fall out. 

Due to my work schedule, I've not been wearing a lot of makeup (specifically eyeshadows and winged liner) cause lets be honest, I would rather have the extra ten minutes in bed. First occasion I get though, I will give these a proper test run on my peepers and report back.

Have you tried any Technic makeup? If so what did you think?

xo Scruffy

PS. Check out my new sunnies (And please ignore my skin, hair, double chin and lack of make-up. I've been starting work at 7am and sleep is more important than concealer right now). Picked these up recently and I'm in love. Can't wait to get away on my holidays so I have an excuse to wear them.