Sunday, 21 August 2016

New MUA LUXE Inked Lip Stains - Thoughts and Swatches

 This is an impromtue post I hadn't planned on writing, but as these are new out and I've ended up with 80%  of the range, I figured why not.

These are from the MUA and are part of the LUXE line. Theres 5 colours, I bought four of them and they cost £4 each. I had only planned on getting two but after picking them up and playing with them I was so impressed I went out and picked up two more. The only colour I didnt get was Dewbury which was insane, and as these are stains I thought I could a lot of damage with that decided not to go with that.

Top-Bottom. Tropicana, Watermelon, Maraschino, Sangria
So I was unsure how to swatch these, as I already made the mistake of swatching Tropicana on my skin in the shop, and yeah. They really stain that was a really bad mistake. So that wasn't happening again.

Best thing I could come up with was this.

Top-Bottom. Tropicana, Watermelon, Maraschino, Sangria
As you can see, they're bright. I've done you some lip swatches for ya'll too, so if you want to see some photos of my mouth then keep scrolling. I have no other make up on in the pictures and managed to smudge Tropica all over my face, so they're a real treat.

Couple of things. These have a slight smell, its not much or bad but it is there. Also they apply super runny but dry very quickly. They taste super bad if they get in your mouth so not letting that happen is a good thing.

I had Sangria on yesterday, applied it before lunch and even thought the top layer of product wore, the stain stayed on all day and was still visable at 10pm at night.

In short, these things are amazing. I just need them bring out some more colours, a mid-tone pink would be amazing. All four of them are coming on holiday with me, thought I can see me wearing watermelon most.

MUA is available at Superdrug and online. They're stuff is also cruelty free which is a big bonus.

I bought all the products mentioned in this review myself and all the opinions are mine.

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