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Sleek i-Lust Hidden Gems Palette - First impressions and swatches

(Firstly let me apologise for the quality of the photos. My laptop is broken so I'm going between phone and small tablet, it's not fun but you gotta do what you gotta do.)

I didn't go into Superdrug today planning on buying make-up, all I wanted was some facial wipes and maybe a white eyeliner (which I didn't end up buying). However the facial wipes are opposite the make-up, go figure on that one, and when I saw this I had to have it. It's so pretty.

After doing a bit if research online, I found out this palette was only released today, and is part of the limited edition Rockstars collection by Sleek. I was a bit surprised about it only just being released as the display was almost completely wiped of stock. I know their eyeshadow palettes are great quality and the liquid lipsticks are good (full review of them here), but I didn't think they had a big enough following to pick a display clean in a couple of hours. 

So full details. The palette is £7.49 and you get six 1g eyeshadows. The palette is long and skinny, rather than the short rectangle design Sleek usually use. The pans are also larger and square rather than the small round ones in the i-Divine palettes. Although these square ones look bigger they are actually smaller, their regular palettes retail for £8.99 and contain twelve 1.1g pans. 

Sorry about the bad lighting in this photo.
So here's a shot of the inside of the palette. Its cute but nothing special. None of the cute geometric design from the front makes its way inside which is a shame, but the I prefer square to round pans and the colour selection looks good.

Colours L-R. Emerald City, Amethyst Sky, Amber City, Sapphire Blues, Ruby Tuesday, Diamond Dust

How do they swatch? Very well. Sleek's eyeshadows are some of my favourites and I find their sparkly metallic ones far better than the mattes so I expected them to be good.  So pretty. The silver and gold shades are a bit chunky and flakes but still blendable and have a very high colour pay off.

Here's a more close-up image of the swatches. I did another single fingers worth of eyeshadow over Emerald City, Amethyst Sky and Sapphire Blues to make the colour more intense. Emerald City is an almost duo-chrome green and brown shade.  Amethyst Sky is a metallic purple, but it has a lot of very fine multicoloured glitter in it that doesn't really show in the photos. Ruby Tuesday is my favourite though. I love a metallic red, as I might have told you, multiple times now.

Diamond Dust vs Urban Decays Frenzy

Diamond Dust on the left and Frenzy from the Electric palette on the right.

L-R, Diamond Dust brush swatch, Diamond Dust finger swatch, Frenzy finger swatch
This was more a test I did to satisfy my own curiosity than anything else. The Urban Decay Electric palette has an amazing silver in it, so I thought I'd compare them. 

Diamond Dust is a bit more chunky and has a darker, more gunmetal undertone and Frenzy is a very fine and smooth pigment with a very white silver colour. If you're looking for a crazy silver colour both are great. 

Overall final thoughts...

This palette is great quality and value. Its not something that you can build complete eye looks out of, but if you have a great collection of nudes and crease colours and just need something for a pop of colour, then this is your palette. 

XOXO Scruffy

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