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Lush Monsters Ball Bath Bomb Review with Photos - Cruelty Free

(Firstly let me apologise for the quality of the photos. My laptop is broken so I'm going between phone and small tablet, it's not fun but you gotta do what you gotta do.)

I recently did a massive Lush haul, full of lots of their awesome limited edition Halloween products (which can be checked out here) and thought it might be fun to test a couple and give you my honest thoughts. 

I'm no stranger to Lush and, want to start this by saying, I'm not usually a huge one for the bath bombs. I love the bubble bars, specifically the huge ones (Brightside, The Comforter, Blue Skies). I used to have a real soft spot for the Rose Jam Bubbleroons too, but since they added the glitter I've not repurchased it. Scrubbing glitter out the bathtub really isn't my favourite activity. 

Anyway, that being said, it's been about 9 months (ish, not really keeping that close a count) since I last used a bath bomb so I'm really excited to try these.

Look at this little guy, he's so cute and pink and mines missing an ear, so I think that makes him even cuter. As I mentioned in the haul post he smells amazing. Fresh but also clean and sweet. I checked the website and it says he's packed with Lime and Neroli oils and Cocoa butter.  Much love for this scent, if they made a bubble bar or shower gel that smells like this I would never stop using it.

Now onto how it looks in the bath. If I'm going to pay the price of a bath bomb, for something I can only use once, you better believe I want a show. At £4.25 this cost about four times what my usual bottle of Superdrug bubble bath does and I get like 20+ baths out of that. 

And Monsters Ball doesn't disappoint. I know that's probably quite a lot of photos but A) the lighting in my bathroom isn't very good for photos and I wanted to actually do it justice, and B) I feel like the bath changed colour a lot and I wanted to show you the pink to blue to purple water.

 It should be noted that I have a crazy huge bath, I can sit cross legged in it and the brim is level with my armpits , it's maybe my single favourite thing about my Flat. So if yours holds less water then the colours maybe more intense than they were in mine. 

It made the whole bathroom smell amazing, and after my bath I could still smell it on my skin. My skin also felt soft and moisturised but not greasy, filmy, or unclean the way some bath bombs do. There also wasn't any of the oily film on top of the bath water like some of the other moisturising bath products leave which was great, both for my overall feeling of post bath cleanliness and the cleanliness levels of the bath itself. All this bath bomb left to clean up was a couple of streaks of pinky pigment that hadnt dissolved properly, so a quick rinse and wipe and that's it. Great product, minimum cleanup. 

Overall score as follows (yes, I came up with a scoring system)

Look 4/5
Smell 5/5
Bath show 4/5
Skin Feel 5/5
Minimal Cleanup 5/5

Yeah OK, I gave it a super high score but I really like it. I may get a couple more to squirrel away for special occasions. I still think I may prefer the smell of the Pumpkin, just, but I feel this probably gives a more fun Lush bath experience. I'm so torn, I'll test the Pumpkin and get back to you on the winner.

XOXO Scruffy 

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