Sunday, 11 December 2016

Too Faced Love at First Kiss Delux Mini Review with Swatches - Cruelty Free Deluxe Mini Blush and Lipstick

A while ago (maybe early October) I placed a large order from Debenhams Beauty. In amongst the Kat Von D and Urban Decay, I picked up this lil guy. Too Faced aren't a brand that I'm super familiar with and all I had from them was a couple of mini bronzers I picked up in the States. 

I'd heard good things about the blushes and was interested in trying them, however at £25 they seemed excessively expensive for a product I've never given a huge amount of thought to. I tend to focus on my eyes or lips and use the same NYX HD blush day in, day out (in the colour Amber). I've never heard anyone talk about the lipsticks but I thought they'd be worth a try too. 

This is the box and its kinda cutesy and tacky but not too much. Recently Too Faced relaunched the Sweet Peach palette and that was wayyyyyyy to much. OK the gold lips aren't to my taste but I don't hate it and can see where they were going,  It fits with them.

These mini's are the ittiest bittiest things ever. The lipstick is the same length as my super stubby lil' thumb. I actually think they're really really cute, and I'm not the most  girly of people. It reminds me of the makeup I would have gotten with my dollies as a child, but on a very classy level. From watching older reviews of Too Faced on Youtube it seems to be this kind of that people used to really love about them, classy, cute but with kind of a risque, burlesque twist. Its also something that seems to have been lost recently with the constant re-releasing of "limited edition" palettes and marketing that seems to be aimed at younger and younger children. 

This was one review I managed to loose all the images of in the great laptop crap out of earlier this year. I had to retake them and that's why both products look a little used. 

So I guess I should talk about what you actually get in the pack. You get a mini of the Love Flush Blush in Love Hangover and a mini La Creme Colour Drench Lipstick in Naked Dolly.  You get 2 grams of blush and 1.5 grams of Lipstick, so not a huge amount but more than enough for you to work out if you like the product. 

I've got to say I really like the blush. I swatched it pretty heavily in the photo so you got a good idea of the colour but it blends out to a very nice shear wash of colour. It also seems to last all day, which is always a bonus.

The lipstick on the other hand, I don't love. It's nothing to do with the formula, which seems really nice and moisturising. Its just the colour. Super, skin tone based nudes just aren't my thing. I would be really interested in trying some darker shades in this formula and seeing if I like them more.

Overall I think this little set is great and would be an ideal stocking stuffer for anyone interested in makeup or that just likes cute mini objects. 

XOXO Scruffy 

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