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NYX Full Throttle Lipstick in Jolt, Locked and Loaded. Review, Swatches and Wear Test - Cruelty Free Cosmetics

A while back a colleague mentioned picking up one of these lipsticks in the colour Night Crawler to me. I hadn't even heard of them, I'd focused everywhere else on the NYX but had someone managed to overlook these. Night Crawler wasn't my colour but I picked up shades 09. Jolt, 10. Locked and 11. Loaded. 

LtR. 11. Loaded, 10. Locked and 09. Jolt.
Their packaging is a bit different to the standard stuff. Its weirdly long and thin. You also don't get a lot of product with these, you get 2.4 grams of product and they cost £5.50. The NYX butter lipsticks are also £5.50  and you get 4.5 grams in them. 

So this is what a brand new one looks like. Its really thin and the top has a lot of weird edges. Kind of reminds of the twist up pencil type lipsticks you get but in bullet format.

I've chosen to swatch these in the order above as I thought it made the most sense and would result in the least weird staining. Now lets get looking at my face.

09 Jolt.

11. Loaded

10. Locked.

These lipsticks claim to be waterproof and according to the NYX website "covers your lips with super-saturated matte colour". From playing with these and wearing all of them I've noticed the formula is inconsistent between shades. Jolt and Locked are softer and creamier than Loaded and apply better, even if you heat it up by swatching on your hand first. It also feels very waxy when applied and is patchy if you don't apply a really heavy coat.

 In between photographing them and writing up this post, I actually dropped all of these and Loaded snapped. When I was trying to fix it, it slid out my hand and got smooshed as well. Unlike the Ripe Berry Butter Lipstick that also snapped, I won't be repurchasing this.

As this lipstick claims to be waterproof I decided to test it out the same way I would a liquid lipstick that made similar claims. I was already wearing Locked and its a pretty distinct colour, so I decided to roll with that. 

The rest of my makeup seems to have given up in this photo...yuck.

So I had this on for about six hours and ate a full plate of dinner and there's very little wear and tear. I'm really impressed that a bullet lipstick lasted this well. You can see that it has worn a little thin on my lower lip but its all still there. One small sweep and it would look immaculate again.

Over time, like most lipsticks these will begin to breakdown and transfer. This one was getting to the stage where it was beginning to powdery and if I touched my lips or drank things I'd get colour transfer. This is pretty typical of Jolt as well, I've worn them both a couple more times since photographing. They're great for work though, as they don't breakdown or smudge throughout the morning and still look good after lunch although they are beginning to break down.

Overall I like these. The last a long time and don't dry my lips out at all. They're definitely some of the better long wearing lipstick from the high street, along with the Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks and are are really affordable, even if you don't get tonnes. Plus I'd estimate that with regular eating and drinking I'd need to top up my lipstick three, maybe four times if I was going all day and then to then going out for food and drinks. I would need to top this up twice total, so that's a saving right there. 

XOXO Scruffy

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  1. The shade jolt is good , orangy pinky coral kind of color. but not at all comfortable to wear. It's patchy and doesn't apply even.