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Boots Ingredients Super Hyaluronic Sheet Mask Review - Moisturising and Nourishing, Cruelty Free Skincare

Two days before using this, I tried the 7th Heaven Argan Oil Mask for combination skin, and my poor face still hadn't recovered. I woke up the morning after it to a painful cluster of small spots and some nice peeling dry skin across the bridge of my nose. Normally I would just leave me skin to right itself however its hadn't been knocked this badly in a long time. Its was so bad I had to stop using my usual face wash and swap to the one I use for horrendously bad breakouts. 

48 hours and I wasn't seeing the slightest signs of improvement so I decided to intervene. I had good results with Boots sheet masks so far so I felt it was time to crack out the moisturising one and give that a go.

So according to the packaging and Boots website "This specially formulated sheet mask is enriched with Super Hyaluron to help leave your skin moisturised and nourished. Leaves skin feeling moisturised for up to 12 hours." Just what my face needs right now, I think.

I'm not going to go into how you use it because its just a sheet mask. What I will say is its the same fabric and clear gel combo as the Charcoal Mask which I now think I prefer to the milky fluid of the Tiger lily one. That might be because I know what to expect, as when I wrote that one I thought I preferred the milky fluid and not the gel. I just feel like it holds together better on the face and doesn't dry out anywhere near as quickly. It doesn't really have a smell.

When it comes to applying the mask to the face its a bit trickier than the other two I have mentioned. Its wetter, the gel is thinner and there seems to be far more of it than with the other two masks, so even just un-peeling it to slap it on is like a workout for your fine motor skills. 

Once I managed to get it stuck to my face it tingled the same way the others did, but again, not as intensely as the charcoal one. It quickly settled to a pleasant cooling feeling that lasted until I took the mask of 20 minutes later. I massaged the remaining serum into my skin, dabbing one of the wet bits from the sheet (it had dried out a lot since I applied it) on one of the driest areas of my face, grabbed a glass of water and went and had a look at the results in the mirror.

I was really impressed with the results, my skin looked healthier, less dry and a bit calmer than before, even the patch of red, inflamed, flaky broken out skin on my cheek looked less dry and angry. None of my face stung or hurt at all which was a big bonus. I actually went back to empty foil packet and rubbed some of the excess mask fluid (like I said, its very wet) on the areas of dry skin either side of my nose. These are always there and I don't know what causes them. I've wondered if it might be something to do with me wearing glasses most of the day. Its a mystery. 

The next morning my skin felt nice and soft, however it wasn't anything ground breaking or special, much like the Tiger Lily Mask. The areas along my cheeks were less flaky and angry and the overall condition of my skin was a bit better. 

I probably would get this again, its getting incredibly cold outside and my skin will dry out more as the winter stretches on. 

Have you tried any of these masks, let me know what you thought?

Thats all for now duckies.

XOXO Scruffy

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