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Jester Bubble Wand, Lush Christmas 2016 Collection, Bubble Bath Review with Pictures - Cruelty Free

So recently, as you might have noticed, I've been on a major Lush kick. I've been loving some of the Christmas things that have been released this year and decided it was time to try my first bubble wand. I chose Jester as it smells divine, but I also picked up Santasaurus. Its a dinosaur rocking a Santa hat, whats not to love?

So Jester is slightly more expensive than the three other bubble wands Lush have brought out, but only by 50p and he is a very big boy. He also smells amazing. Sweet, fruity and really revitalising. My favourite scents from Lush are the orange or rose ones so this is a complete winner for me.

Right before he took a dunk in the tub...

Oh no, its pouring...

Time to dry off somewhere...

And look at those bubbles. 

That bath smelled so good and was bubble-tastic. The wands work exactly like the bubble bars, except they seem to be denser and don't immediately break down when they come in contact with water. Also a little seems to go a long way so when they say its multi-use, they mean it. I barely run it under the tap and got a full baths worth. I'm not sure how many uses you're supposed to get, but I think I'd probably get about  five or six.

Another thing to note about Lush is they have the most amazing customer service. I've dealt with the twitter team loads of times and they're always lovely, even if you've just tagged them in a tweet saying how much you love something, they tend to respond. I had placed my bubble wand on the textured mat I used for cleaning makeup brushes as that way air could get under it and would stop it going gloopy, but it wasn't drying that quickly. I tweeted them to ask advice and had a response in under 24 hours at the weekend. I was impressed (as always). 

Also their advise for drying it out was to stand it up in a glass so it doesn't stick to surfaces. I moved mine to a jar I had just cleaned out and it dried a lot quicker. Also it makes where-ever you dry it (if its a small room, like my bathroom) smell gorgeous as it drys. Free air freshener all round.

Final thoughts, this is great. I'm a convert, bubble wands all the way. It would be good for anyone that likes citrusy smells, likes bubble baths and likes Lush. It would make a great, fun, stocking filler for a child that's old enough to know not to eat it, but still loves splashing about in the tub. Also the smell isn't overly girly so you could get it for a guy that likes a bit of a soak. Heck, you could probably gift everyone this at Christmas without too many complaints. This is definitely something I'm going to stock up on nearer Christmas 

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