Wednesday, 7 December 2016

7th Heaven Argan Oil Mud Mask Review - Cruelty Free, Vegetarian, Skin Care

So its been a while since the last time I used a foil packet mud mask. Recently I've been trialling sheet masks and using up some peel off ones I had sitting for a while.

My skins been a little congested and crazy recently. I'm putting it down to a mix of stress (it got so bad I ended up with stress headaches), air conditioning and hormones, so a clean out was drastically needed. 

I went through my big bag of masks and things I need to review and found this guy. It's advertised for combination and oily skin and claims it deeply cleanses and balances skin. The package contains 15g of product and costs £1, so its very affordable. Here's hoping it works.

So this smelled good and applied well. There was also plenty so it was easy to get a good layer. 

So the first problem I had with this was that it took a really long time to dry. As you can see from the bottom photo the area around my mouth was dry and almost completely cracked whilst areas on my cheek and nose haven't dried at all yet. I did try to keep my face as still possible but after about twenty minutes I had to move jaw. Cracking this hurt a lot, it felt like the mask clung to every single little hair on my face and when I moved it felt like I got an accidental wax. Ouchie!

The second issue I had was once it began to crack little bits of mud fell off everywhere. I found bits in the living room, bathroom and the bedroom floor. It was so bad that I ended up having to put my dressing gown in the laundry because it was covered in light pink flakes. 

It was easy enough to remove with a damp cloth and a little patience. Once I got it off my skin felt really dry though, drier than it has in a long time and and far drier than I like it being. I have some issues with the skin from the apples of my cheeks down to the corners of my mouth and these areas had become very tight and almost painful.

The next day some patches of my skin were very dry and peeling slightly and the areas on my cheeks were sore and the little bumps seemed to have come to a head. Normally I would have said this was a good thing but as the rest of the area was sore I'm not so sure. 

In all honesty, I wouldn't buy this mask again. I think there are better ones out there at a similar price point and it did not do good things for my skin. 

XOXO Scruffy

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