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Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipstick Collection Review and Swatches - Cruelty Free Affordable Makeup

So I got these Lipsticks in a huge Makeup Revolution haul a while ago, and for the longest time I had no idea why I bought them. I've come to the conclusion it was a moment of madness, coupled with some curiosity over the name of the collection, I love all things unicorn.

LtR: Throne, Horn of Magic, Magical, Pink Myth, Legend
These have the standard Makeup Revolution  packaging with the wee pot things on the end. I heard somewhere this was lip liner and in others it was lip balm. After testing it I would say its "weird, not very pigmented, jelly goop I don't care for". I got these in a five pack when they launched on the Makeup Revolution website but they are still available and cost £1 each. They are the cheapest thing I've ever reviewed. 

So the bottom line is the weird goop out the pot is applied with a lip liner brush and the top one is the lipstick out the bullet itself.


So Throne is light purple/grey colour. Its really shiny and reflective and I actually don't hate it. It's not an everyday colour and I will probably get rid of it the next time I de-clutter my lip products, but I might use it as a topper over Christmas and see how I go. 

Also this is the one shade I can no longer find on the Tam Beauty site. I'm not sure why as the rest of them are still up.

Horn of Magic

Yipes, this is not a flattering colouring on me. If it was more opaque, or maybe applied better and my naturally pink lips didn't shine through as much it might look better. It just highlights how pink and blotchy my face is. This will go in the de-clutter as well.


I hate this one more than I hate Horn of Magic. It has zero pigment and feels waxier than my favourite candle. Looking at the lipstick in the bullet I had hoped for so much more. but if you look at the swatches (especially the hand one) you can see how poor it is. Would not recommend it.

Pink Myth

So I actually kind of like this one. So the colour isn't particularly flattering but the formula isn't bad. If I was going to recommend one from the collection it would probably be this one, which makes me sad as its also the most boring. 


Again, this one isn't bad either. The shiny cement grey isn't the most flattering or wearable but the formula is better than the light blue and purple ones. It has a nice blue sheen to it too but again I wouldn't wear it 98% of the time.

Final thoughts. This collection isn't work the £5 it costs to buy all the colours. The best shade is a bright pink and for a couple of quid you could get a Barry M one that was 10x better and I would recommend doing that instead(in other news I got some Barry M lipstick and I actually really like it). All of these, except maybe Throne, will be going out in the next de-clutter. 

Thats all for now duckies.

XOXO Scruffy

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