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Yes To... Blueberries Smooth & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Review - Cruelty Free Hair Care

When it comes to buying cruelty free I'm great with makeup and skincare, but when it came to hair care I found my options slightly limited and that I was a bit confused about what was and wasn't cruelty free. That's why I was delighted when an Instagramer I follow posted saying she'd been able to pick up some of the Yes To hair care range in Boots. I made a mental note to look out for them next time I was in. 

Yes To are a cruelty free brand (Leaping Bunny certified) that try and make products that are at least 95% natural, affordable and packed full of fruit and veg based goodness. Boots stock most of the range, however they don't seem to have the Cucumber colour protection one, which is a little bit odd. They also don't stock the 500ml bottles I can see advertised on Yes To's website for a couple of the shampoos.

I chose the Yes To Blueberries smooth and shine shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair, because my hair has a habit of being more than a little out of control. Boots also stock the scalp relief, volumising, and ultra moisturising ones. 

Now to get down to business. The packaging is fairly standard for shampoo, two big squeezy tubes that you pour from the bottom. I personally prefer this design to stiffer plastic bottles as I find it easier to get every last drop of product out of them. I also like that these look very uniform but as the shampoo has a soft blue panel on the front they're also easy to tell apart, even if you get shampoo in your eyes.

Back of the pack has a lot of info on it about whats in the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo has blueberries and kale leaf extract in it, and it has an unexpected herbal lemon kind of scent. Its like that plant with leaves that smell like lemon when you rub them (googled it, its lemon balm. The shampoo smells exactly like lemon balm). Its really pleasant and I think I prefer it this kind of scent to overly fruity or floral one. 

The conditioner is advertised as being a mix of blueberries and shea butter extract. Having now read the ingredients for both they each have shea butter and kale extract in them. The shampoo just has more of the kale extract than the conditioner.

I just took a photo of this as I don't think I've ever seen a sealed shampoo bottle before.
The shampoo is really nice and thick, it lathers well and leaves my hair feeling really nice and clean.  The conditioner is nice and thick, but also washes out easily. Also, as I've already said, it smells amazing. 

So here's a photo from the first morning I used it. I was loving it. My hair was soft and shiny, had plenty of bounce and smelled really nice. This is how my hair has looks every time I use this. I love it. 

And this is how my hair looks the day after I've washed it. This looks extreme, but this is how messed up my hair gets on a regular basis. Also its easily tamed. Some frizz ease spray and a tangle teezer and it's at least ponytail friendly. 

These products do this consistently though. So I know day one is great, and if I go for a second day it needs a bit of love. With most hair products I can't tell what the first day will be like, let alone the second. Being able to tell exactly what my hair will be doing day to day is something I've never been able to until now and I really appreciate it.

For that reason (and the smell, have I said how nice it is yet?) this is now my favourite thing to wash my hair with, even with the crazy second day hair. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good shampoo for frizzy hair, or hair care that smells amazing. Its also cruelty free, and having tried some of their skincare too, and I would recommend Yes To... products to anyone looking for skin and hair care that's not tested on animals. 

Given Yes To.., products a go? Let me know what you think.

XOXO Scruffy

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  1. Hi!

    Just read your review from 2016 on the Yes To products. I was interested to see how your hair differed from day 1 to day 2. Mine is behaving similarly atm. Do you think it's something to do with our hair not being able to absorb moisture from the atmosphere because of what we use on it?

    Are you still using the shampoo and conditioner?

    Personally, I seldom re-puchase a hair product, but am thinking of returning to the conditioner in this range as my (oily) hair is very dried out and frizzy from being stressed and having to take medication.

    Do you have a favourite silicone-free, mineral oil-free shampoo or conditioner you could recommend, please? I'm soooo tired of wasting money i can't afford to spend experimenting with full sized hair products which often end up languishing, half-full in the bathroom cupboard.