Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Collection #BlushAndGlow Mini Palette Review and Swatches - Cruelty Free Cosmetics

So at the start of last month I went up to my parents, and only realised once I was there I had forgotten any blush or highlighter. This wouldn't normally be a big deal, I don't always wear makeup (especially when I'm at home), and if I was in the city I could nip out and buy more. However I had arranged to meet friends when I arrived back in Glasgow  in a couple of days, so I kind of needed some blush. My options were look incredibly pale, the two tiny makeup stands in the local chemist (neither of which were cruelty free, so therefore not an option), or attempt to find something in Inverness. 

I chose Inverness, however that nearly didn't pay off at all. Maybe it's because I'm so used to Glasgow but I expected more from it. Between the large Boots and Superdrug in the town centre, this was all I could find. I was really hoping for a NYX stand, as I like their solo blushes. Failing that something from MUA or Makeup Revolution as theirs are OK to.

This is the Collection (previous Collection 2000) #BlushAndGlow palette. It cost £4.99 and you get 18g of product, split between four pans. A contour, a highlight and two blush shades. It was the closest thing I could find to what I actually wanted (for less than Urban Decay prices). It looks like great value on paper, however once I got it back to my parents and tried it, my first thoughts were just cheap, cheap, cheap.

The main packaging is cardboard, with a plastic panel, and in times gone by I would have been OK with this. I've been spoiled by the likes of MUA and Makeup Revolution that manage to keep costs low, but still package things up nicely. This just feels wrong. It does have a magnetic closure on it, which I have fun snapping, but that's just because I'm easily amused.

So I did the swatches and photographed them in two different lights. These powders are incredibly stiff, chunky and apply patchily to the skin. Just check the swatches on the far right or far left for this. Also the highlighter really draws attention to any skin texture. 

They also don't apply well with brushes. There's no subtlety, you have to go all in as the powder is so stiff. So if you're pale, with a lot of skin texture and don't like looking like you're at clown academy, I would not recommend this. 

TLDR: Cheap, poor quality packaging. Stiff, chunky powder that doesn't apply well. Not good.

XOXO Scruffy 

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