Tuesday, 8 November 2016

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in Zest & Kooky Review, Swatches and Wear Test - Cruelty Free Lipstick

So a while ago (like back in the Summer) I picked up these velvet lacquers from Superdrug. However I never really got round to trying them out. I think I might have had a nude one in the past that I hated and it somehow put me off. They cost £3 each, making them super affordable if you're on a budget. You also get a bigger range of colours than with the Primark ones I reviewed a few months back (full review here).

The packaging itself is OK, its really standard for liquid lipstick, round tube with a screw cap and a doe-foot applicator. It feels far less cheap and nasty than the Primark ones. Also its a standard short doe-foot, not one of the weird long bendy ones, which is good.

So these swatch well and as you can see they dry really bright. One thing I should add right now is they have a really sweet almost candy-esque smell. It's a bit fruity but not overly so, and I find it a little off-putting. Apart from that the formula is OK, both shades needed two coats to stop them being patchy, and they took a little while to dry, however once they were on, they didn't feel drying at all which was a nice surprise. I did watch a review on Youtube where the v-logger said she found them really drying, so it might be a tolerance thing. My jumping on point for matte lipsticks was LA Splash and those are basically industrial grade paint for your face. I don't think I could find anything drying after using them for a couple of months.

So Zest is a super bright red-orange colour.

And this is Kooky. I thought it would be redder than it is.

 As with the Primark review and Sleek review, I decided to leave it on for a couple of hours over dinner and see what happened. 

So I only had it on for about three hours and in this time I had two cups of tea and a wrap with chicken and peppers. My dinner was about the least oily thing I've eaten in a long time so I'm really disappointed that half the bottom lip wore off. When I tested Velvet Slippers from Sleek I ate a whole plate of pasta and cheese sauce and it wore off less. 

So scoring time, colour choice, intensity, packaging and price wise they get full marks, however they smell weird, don't seem to wear well and don't stain making very obvious when they wear off. I'm going to go with 5/10 overall. If you want the bright colours then go for it, if not I would recommend the ones from Sleek that last far far longer.

Had a similar experience with these? Or did you find other colours lasted better? Let me know.

XOXO Scruffy 

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