Sunday, 6 November 2016

Project: Use up seventeen by the start of 2017

So a while ago I tried to start a bathroom de-clutter project (full post here), and although looking at the photos I can see I made some progress, it ultimately fell flat on its backside. Every month I have a bag of empties I start writing a post about, then something happens and I loose all interest.

I decided choosing specific items, marking them and then working on them and them alone may be a better way of going about it. So I rounded up a bunch of stuff that's either almost done, or that I'm sick of the sight of (cough*Elvive Shampoo*cough). Also some of them aren't cruelty free, so have been hanging around for a long time, and I want to start 2017 more cruelty free than ever.

 There are 24 products to start with and depending on how the first month goes, I may add in other items in December when I check in. 

Hair Care

I honestly don't love anything in this picture. As you can see everything is over half done too, so I have tried to make it work. I think I'll be finished everything except the Elvive by the start of December. If its still not completely by the 6th of January, whats left is going in the bin. I've been working on it for most of the year in between other products, I don't really like it and I want it gone. I have a Gliss spray I'll add in if the Pantene one runs out and some argon oil that can replace the Frizz Ease when its done. Have I mentioned how little I feel Frizz Ease does for my hair? That's maybe a rant for my empties once its done. I don't have any other shampoo/conditioner to add in, but I think what I have here will keep me going.

Face Care

All the products here are cruelty free, and the three Superdrug products are pretty good. I actually really like the exfoliating scrub and will probably buy it again. I just have a tonne of face care right now and want to get through it. If you're looking for a nice, micro-bead free scrub that's cruelty free and cheap, I would recommend this. The mask is OK (full review here), but I own and can get better easily, also it smells pretty weird. I used up half the jar just trying to write that review, so three or four more uses and its done. It will probably be done by the start of  December. If that is the case I have 4 or 5 foil packet masks I'll add into the mix.

Face Make-Up

This section is a little same-y if I'm being honest. Two mattifying setting sprays that are almost done, the NYX one is OK and the MUA one doesn't seem to do much, but I bought them so I'll use them up. I have a couple of others that are a bit better I can add in when these run out. Two primers I'm not crazy about, and the Maybelline one is old now so I want it gone. Maybelline Lumi Touch concealer, again its old and I don't love it. I've been using it as an eye-shadow base up until now and its been going quickly enough so I don't know why I wouldn't be able to finish it. As for the powders, the Soap and Glory one is old and was crumbling and the MUA one got broken. I had hit pan on both of them and then re-pressed them when the MUA one broke. If these get finished (and I hope to finish the Soap and Glory one at least, if not its going in the bin with the shampoo) I might add in one of the loose powders I'm not crazy about.

Other Make-Up

MUA Mascara and Sweet Sheen Lip Balm, both of these are OK. I like the rose colour of the balm and it is moisturising, and I've used it enough for the print to wear off, but not enough to keep it. The mascara is OK too, I just own better. MUA products are usually cheap and cheerful, and, with the exception of some lip products I'm going to review shortly, none of them are really bad. The L'Occitane Shea Butter lip balm (travel sized) is almost done and it is my favourite lip balm product of all time, so much so I will pay the £7+ it costs for a full sized one. I got this in a set last Christmas and its been open since then so I want it gone now cause its a bit old. And lastly, the Cynthia Rowley eye pencil (mini). I really don't like this. I got it as a gift when I subscribed to something and if I'd paid I would have been really disappointed. It doesn't stay in the waterline at all. It won't be done by Christmas but I'm going to try. Anything that's left is going in the bin as the cheap NYX pencils are better.


Ghost has been my favourite perfume since I was in high school. I loved it and everyone knew
 I loved it, so I usually get a bottle or gift set for my birthday or Christmas. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find any info on whether or not its cruelty free, in fact all I've found is confusing reports on who actually owns the brand. I've had to make peace with the other bottle I own being the last one I may ever own. Most of my family are aware of my cruelty free stance on things, so I'm not sure if they'll steer clear of beauty related gifts this Christmas. If they don't, what I get will probably be from Lush as they know that's safe (and I love Lush, give me all the Lush). As you can see this bottle only has a tiny wee bit left in the bottom, I'm going to put it in my handbag and that'll probably be gone by mid-December.

Things I forgot to photograph first time

The body butter is nice and came out a three pack I was given last Christmas, I've already used one and would like to have all three done by the start of January. This wont take me long to get through, the other one took me 3 or 4 weeks of steady use. Once its done I'll add the last one in. And we have another dam Elvive product, lucky this is mostly done. I don't like it. I don't like the smell, I don't like the way it sets making it a pain in the butt to wash out, and I don't like it taking up space in my bathroom. Its only two or three uses away from being done though, hopefully it'll be gone by December. I know this looks weird in the photo below but its cause it has a shimmer in it (like the shampoo), its not gone bad. I promise.

Wish me luck guys, I'll let you know how I'm getting on in a month.

XOXO Scruffy

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