Saturday, 5 November 2016

Lush Ruby Red Slipper Bubble Bar Review - Cruelty Free and Very Bubbly

I love Lush's bubble bars, they're maybe my favourite thing Lush make. Glitter on the other hand, not my favourite ingredient in a bath product. When I saw the Ruby Red Slipper bath bar I was a little curious though, and after talking to one of my friends (who assured me the glitter was no where near as bad as it used to be to clean up) I decided to give it a go. 

The smell is hard to describe, its sort of floral but not overly so.  It's a bit like something you might buy your granny, but its not so strong its definitely old lady-ish. It's actually really pleasant. 

I always break the bubble bars in two. If not I find they produce way way to many bubbles and the high concentration of bar in the water makes my hair and skin feel oily after I get out. It's something I'd recommend doing, you get twice the bath for your buck and as you'll see from the photos below, it doesn't stop you getting a huge volume of bubbles.

So so many bubbles....

And again... Some of the ones at the back caught loose particles of the bar when they were forming.  A quick swish got them back in the water though.

It made the water a light red colour. If I'd put in the whole bar the colour might have been stronger, but any more bubbles and I think the bathroom would have been filled with bubbles, not just the bath. It also made the water sparkly, which in my head I wasn't crazy about, however it was actually kind of fun to watch it swirl when I moved. 

The glitter was also remarkably easy to clean up. I remembered having to frantically scrub the tub before but it wiped off really easily. I think they might have made it finer than before, or done some natural, seaweed based magic to it to make it easier to clean.

Score time
(I've removed the bath show option as its not really relevant to bubble bath, which is just bubbly)

Look 5/5
Smell 4/5
Skin Feel 5/5
Minimal Cleanup 5/5

Overall, I really like this bubble bar. I don't know if I'll buy more, there are four bubble wands in the Christmas collection I want to try (I already have two, Jester and Santasaurus) so I'll keep it in mind for later.

XOXO Scruffy 

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