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Superdrug Coconut Water & Coconut Oil Hair Masque Review - Cruelty Free

A while ago, around mid August, I picked this masque up with the intention of taking it on holiday to treat my poor sun damaged hair. In the end I didn't pack it, due to bulk, so it never got used or reviewed in my holiday products blog (link here).

Fast forward to last weekend. Friday was Halloween day at work and I went as a zombie bride. Unfortunately that meant washing my hair on Thursday, brushing it once and then leaving it, Friday morning I woke up, sprayed some dry shampoo into it, fuzzed up the roots with my fingers and then didn't touch it again. By Saturday morning when it became time to deal with things like washing it and looking presentable, my hair really wasn't in a good place. 

That's when I remembered about this. I don't use a lot of hair masque type products right now (have in the past, will again in the future) as my current flat only has a very deep, and very awesome *cough*, bath in it. I find trying to rinse anything thicker than normal conditioner out my hair a pain without the use of a shower head and good water pressure. My hair was so knotted and brittle feeling I made an exception though. 

Before getting in the bath I sprayed a tonne of de-tangling spray through my hair and tried to get most of the tugs out with a Tangle Teezer. It hurt a lot, and when I was done I had some very fried, very dry, very brittle feeling triangle head hair (when your hair just frizzes out from the top, getting bigger and bigger and giving you the appearance of a hair triangle)

I then washed my hair twice with the Yes to Blueberries Smooth & Shine Shampoo. I'll have a full review of both this and the conditioner coming out in the next couple of days as I've now been using for a month(spoiler alert, I like it). I rinsed it with a jug, squeezed the water out my hair and applied a couple of big dollops of this to all the hair from my ears down. I then twisted it all together and lay back and watched some How I Met Your Mother... Yeah I occasionally watch Netflix in the bath, if it's one that I'm going to be in for a while. Lush review, Netflix. Hair masque, Netflix. Rough week so drinking cider and wanting to lounge, well OK, I'm maybe going to listen to Classic Rock in that type of bath, if not though, Netflix.

It's a really thick, but very liquid, conditioner. It's not set or stiff and my only criticism is that I would have preferred it to come in a big squeezy bottle. I don't love sticking my fingers into and having to scoop wet products out of pots.   

After about 15 minutes I rinsed it out. It took a bit more work than standard conditioner but not loads, maybe one or two extra jugs of water. I don't think I would even notice if I was using it in the shower, but I don't have a shower , so meh. Once I'd blotted my hair dry using a microfibre towel, I brushed it again and it went so much smoother than before the bath. I then smoothed some of the Superdrug Hair Therapy Macadamia Oil through it, which is one of my favourite hair products ever. I didn't feel right reviewing it and missing out a step I would always do as it wouldn't be a fair comparison.  I then left my hair to dry naturally. 

Once my hair dried, I was amazed at how soft, shiny and bouncy my hair was. It eliminated almost all my frizz (the frizz is never completely gone, never) and left my hair soft and shiny without killing the curl. The masque only cost me £3.99, and is currently on offer at £2.59, so I really hadn't expected much at all. It's really good though. Also it smells really, really nice. My other half even commented on how coconutty it was.

I used it again today as well and had the same results. I've been away in the Czech Republic using the combination of Lush Shampoo and Conditioner from the holiday review linked above. And, even though I took my macadamia oil and used it religiously, I think the mix of not a thick enough conditioner and my hair being constantly exposed to cold weather for four days (all we did was explore, and occasionally stop at a pub) left it feeling a bit more frizzy and tangled than usual. It feels back to normal now though (and smells delicious). This is definitely something I would recommend to anyone looking for a moisturising masque for frizzy or dry hair, or a deep conditioner that's also cruelty free.

Given this a go? Let me know what you think.

XOXO Scruffy

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