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Boots Ingredients Sheet Mask in Charcoal and Willow Bark Review - Cruelty Free Skincare

It seems like everyone and their sister is obsessed with sheet masks right now, and yeah, I was curious. However, I did some research and realised that finding one I could use might not be as easy as I thought. A lot of the ones I found online were made in Asia, and it was hard to work out if they were cruelty free or not. Also some of the ingredients sounded a little daunting, I actually came across one that claimed the active ingredient was placenta. Eeeps, no thanks.

So when I was in Boots today, trying desperately not to buy lipstick (I had seven in my basket at one point, but I put five back. I'm so proud of myself), and I came across Boots new own brand ones, I was delighted as I could finally give them a go. I picked up three, a nourishing one, a revitalising one and this cleansing one. 

So the mask has charcoal and willow bark in it and the back of the pack claims it will leave my skin "feeling cleansed, purified and revitalised in just 15 minutes". Its a good claim, and as much as I'd never say no to my skin feeling more of any one of those things, I drastically need all three right now. My face, especially my forehead is a hot mess with a mix of stress and hormone induced face demons and I have a family function on Saturday I want to look semi-nice for. Here's hoping this helps and doesn't infuriate the little monsters.

So first impressions... ewwwww.

Its so slimy feeling, and I'm supposed to put this on my face and leave it there for 15 minutes. Yuck.

Once I got over the thought of applying an item that felt a lot like it was covered in slug goo to me face, I realised that it is also ridiculously hard to apply. The forehead part is huge, the eyes are a weird shape, the area for the cupids bow is way, way to big and there's a lot of spare round the cheeks and chin. 

Within about 30 seconds of applying it my skin started tingling intensely, far more than I expected and so much I actually found it uncomfortable. I probably should have taken it off but I'm never one to back away from a challenge so I sat through it. It disappeared pretty quickly too, making way for a kind of cool menthol tingle type feeling I actually found really pleasant. I might have left it on my face for a little bit longer than I should have cause I was enjoying it.

Gravity was not this masks friends for two reasons. It pulled on the mask and made it slide down for and cover my eyes and mouth, not fun. It also made all the (excessive) amount of gel in it slide down and pool in the mask folds around my mouth and neck. I spent a lot of time smooshing the gel back up and smearing back across the forehead. Maybe if I'd laid back and shut my eyes it wouldn't have been so annoying but oh well. 

Peeling off the mask was fun. I like peeling things off my skin, it hadn't stuck so my face the way a peel off mask would but there was still some traction there. The whoosh sensation was fun, probably caused by my skin becoming exposed again after spending 20 minutes heating the sheet up.

I rubbed in the excess gel from the mask like you're supposed to and let that settle in. 

Did my skin feel cleansed, purified and revitalised? Not really, it felt clean and soft but that was about it. I was a little disappointed but I hadn't expected much so I packed myself off to bed.

The next morning I noticed a difference though. I had a couple of painful spots forming on my forehead the night before and these seemed to have calmed down a lot. They'd gone from swollen red patches to just little lumps, the way a spot feels when its almost done healing. They also weren't sore to touch and the skin didn't feel tight any more which was amazing. The rest of my skin felt slightly improved and still felt clean from the night before, which never happens. I was so impressed.

So, to cut a long story short...

Did the mask feel gross?

Was it annoying to use?
A bit.

Did it do what it said it would?
Yes, but not immediately.

Do the results out way the ickiness?

Buy it again?

Boots new sheet masks are available here and are currently on offer at £2 (usual price £2.50 so you're getting 20% off). I'm going to go back and stock up on these, I'll test one again next week and if I get the same results this mask will problem become something I use every time my skin decides to freak out. 

Are you a sheet mask lover? 

XOXO Scruffy 

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