Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Knitting - Challenging myself by making something that scares me

Is there anything you've not done, not because its super complicated or really outwith your skill set, just because it scares you? 

I knit and crochet, it's what I do. I love it. I can knit socks from memory without needing to check anything, I've completed complex amigurimi and shawls. There was one thing that really scared me though and I don't know why. 

Flat knitting a hat...

I don't know why they freaked me out so much. I've knitted a few in the round and found them really easy, and logically knitting flat and sewing them up should be easier. 

Today I decided to face that illogical fear and attempt it. I chose chunky yarn and huge needles. I also picked a super simple pattern so that I hopefully couldn't go wrong.

Also I really wanted rid of this ball of orange and blue yarn, it looks like an irn bru can but not in a good way.

The pattern called for eight rows been the ribbing at the bottom and decreasing at the top and I thought that maybe wasn't enough. I ended up tweaking the pattern and adding another two rows to the main section. Turns out this maybe wasn't enough.

 Here's the hat all finished. As you can see it looks a little short.

 And here's a photo of the back with the seem on it. I think it was having to sew it up that scared me. That part actually went really smoothly. See, nothing to be scared of.

And its way, way to short for me. In the hat (and the patterns) defense, I do have a crazy big head. Like super large. So that may have played a part in it.

Yeah, its teeny on me. But fear faced. I'm going to weigh it for the 2kg before Christmas project I have on the go right now (full explanation here) and then either donate it to a charity shop or  find out if Social Bite are looking for winter clothing donations again. Its really thick and snuggly and would most likely fit anyone that doesn't have a head as big as mine. 

XOXO Scruffy 

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