Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Review: Primark PS... Love to Glow Face Mask - Cruelty Free Skincare

If you've read any of my other posts, and I mean any, you'll know I love a beauty bargain. Back in mid July I finally tried some of the PS... range from Primark, with mixed results (lip liner, yes. Eyeshadow, total failure). However with the vast majority of the products being under £5 (right within my budget) I decided to give some more ago before I made my mind up completely.

A while ago I found myself on Sauchiehall street, an area of Glasgow I don't usually get a chance to visit, with some time to kill. So I had a wee gander at some of the shops that are out that way, especially Tiger (love me some Tiger), and ended up in Primark. My first thought was heck, this one is far cleaner and tidier than my local one. The make-up and beauty area in this one is up the escalator, so I guess people are less likely to run in, rip stuff, make a mess, and leave. I got to actually look at things without the fear of getting covered in something broken and icky.

One of the first things that caught my eye was this mask. It is the PS... Love to Glow face mask with Argan Oil and Vitamin E. And costs £3 for 50ml (1.69 US Fl. Oz.). Pretty cheap for the amount you get. Also up until then I wasn't even aware Primark made skincare, I thought it was just make-up and a limited amount of hair care. So I had to try it, for science.

Packaging wise, the box is ok. Its a box, it describes the contents, its not ugly. Job done. Now for the jar. Its glass, not plastic, which is a very nice touch, however the cheap lid lets it down. Also grey product, with a grey label and grey text, not a smart move. For £3, its pretty much what you would expect though.

First impressions, grey, mudlooking, pot of goop. Its really, really perfumed which is a bit offputting, but not so offputting I wouldn't rub it all over my skin and leave it there for ten minutes. Texture wise its thick and a bit grainy but not gloopy or super wet. Better than a foil package mask but not as nice as some of the "mud type" masks you get in tubes.

Proof I actually rubbed this stuff all over my face. I actually had to do it three times to get this post finished.
Ever pull a face and then think, oh god why? Yeah, thats me right now. Why did I do that? Yikes.

The first thing you notice when applying the mask, after the smell, is the cooling feeling. As it doesn't claim to be firming or tightening, so I think whatever is doing this has been added only to make your skin feel cooler and tighter as you sit with it on your face.

So this mask claims to be Exfoliating, Smoothing, Brightening and Moisturising. I'm just going to break it down one by one and let you know what I thought.

Exfoliating: I wouldn't say I found it exfoliating. I wash my face with super soft microfibre clothes so that might have had something to do with it. It is grainy so if you wet your hands and rubbed at it once its dry, it probably would exfoliate pretty well.

Smoothing: Yeah ok, my skin did seem a bit smoother. If that was its only function I would be disappointed though.

Brightening: Anything that rubs off dead skin should in theory brighten, right? I've never really thought of my skin as being dull so I don't know if it really needs brightened up. My skin does feel nicer once I've scrubbed it off though. So win, I guess.

Moisturising: My skin isn't super dry at the moment and, in all honesty, I've been missing moisturiser some evenings. Does it moisturiser? Probably. Did I notice? Nope. Mehh...

Overall this facemask is mehh. My skin feels nicer-ish when I've used it but nothing major. I had to use the mask three times to get this review finished so I feel like I got a fairly good idea of everything thing mask has to offer . It doesn't offer much.

4 out of 10. Try it if you're curious about the PS...Love rang as its not terrible, but if you're looking for amazing results, you wont get them here. Probably wouldn't recommend.

xoxo Scruffy

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