Saturday, 1 October 2016

September Favourites - Cruelty Free Beauty Favourites

September has been more month than I can cope with. Five flights, two holiday destinations and a whole lot of jet-lag. For that reason I havent been using the same products religiously and so all my favourites are solely make-up (and one haircare product) and not that varied. Sorry folks.

Also last time I checked all the products featured here were completely cruelty free, however if anything has changed please let me know as I've been trying to be super strict regarding this.

Superdrug Hair Therapy Oil with Macadamia

This treatement was an absolute lifesaver on holiday. The conditioner I had packed would have been fine in the UK however with the extreme heat and humidity and the extra intense sun, my hair was soon a dry, frizzy mess. This treatement was really good and could be used both after washing when the hair was wet and then again during the day if it was getting dry and tuggy.
I've been using it since getting back to the UK as well and I really like how it leaves my hair shiny and healthy but not feeling heavy or weighed down. It also isn't so heavy it knocks the curl out my hair. I'd happily buy it again.

Collection Reviving Primer in Cool Rose

I've had this for a while now and I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. I will never use it straight up and on its own however it is really nice and illuminating when its mixed in with another primer. I just feel like it gives my base a little extra something-something in the morning. 
Probably won't need to buy it again any time soon as its a huge tube and I only need a teeny bit. Would I buy it again though? Yeah, probably. Although by the time I'm done this there will probably be something else out I wan't to try.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Project Chimps

I picked this up in the Sephora in Times Square for as its a really pretty colour and I was excited to finally try the formula. Up until after I got back from the States, Kat Von D was a brand we could not get over here. Now its available on the Debenhams website (and you can click and collect in store), this colour is a Sephora exclusive though.
This lipstick is just the perfect red colour for me, its not to pink, brown or blue for my liking. Its somewhere between red and terracota. Also although the formula is apparently hit and miss, this seems to wear really well on me. It does require a post lunch touch up though so its not maybe as everlasting as it claims.

And from the most expensive to maybe the cheapest on the list...

Collection Extreme Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

Up until recently I had forgotten how good these eyeliners were. The black is an extremely black black and wears for a very long time. Since re-discovering that one, I've gone back and bought them in all the other colours (brown, dark blue and purple), almost in an effort to re-live my late teens. 
As much as I love a black winged liner, the brown has proven much more wearable and its easier to hide any mistakes I make first thing in the morning. Also the formula builds really nicely so if I want a more vibrant colour I can work it that way.

Gosh To Be Cool in Copenhagen Palette

I was unsure about this palette when I picked it up. I like the cool tones but are these too cool for even me? I'm still not sure but I've been loving the top row mixed with either the left or right shade in the middle. I have reached for it every morning since I bought it and the shades are so nice and blendable that I've even started getting adventurous and mixing them with other colours to make brighter eye looks. 
I'm really tempted to pick up one of the other palettes from this line and compare the formulas. They have a really bright one that I kind of fancy but have no idea what I'd do with. I'll maybe get that and just pretend in my head its the new Urban Decay Spectrum Palette. Dam I want that palette.

NYX Fireball Prismatic Eyeshadow Mono

This eyeshadow is amazing. Its just BAMMM. So pretty and reflective. Not one for work though.
I'd be really interested to try more of these as this one is so pretty. If you like colour then go into Boots and swatch them. You're welcome.

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Pink Shimmer

So I've been looking for a good stand alone highlighter for a while and when I had this one recommended to me, I was like. Really..? MUA are a dirt cheap drugstore brand, and although some of their products are pretty good (I did a first impression/ review of their Inkd Stains here)
the only powder products of theirs I've tried are the Loose Powder and Hydrating Face powder. Those powders are nice, but they're nothing special.

This highlighter though... Hot Dam. I'm in love. It starts of subtle but if you go in with a second swipe, it builds super quickly. The pink tones are quite subtle, and its not as bright as any of the other pinks I own, however they are more than enough to stop it looking frosty. It might be me tripping too, but I think theres almost a cool blue sheen kicked off of it. I noticed it in a couple of different lights so I don't think I am.

Kiko Milano Cocoa Shock Blush Duo in 03 Adorable Pink and Peach

Kiko are a brand that are fairly new to me. The store hasn't been opened on Buchanan Street that long (and even if it had, I'm hardly ever passing so they would probably still be new to me), and the store in Silverburn hasn't opened yet. I've had a couple of bits but the only one to make it into my everyday routine is this one. Specifically that peach shade. 

Its a gorgeous soft shade that builds really well. It also works nicely with the MUA highlighter which makes mornings so much easier when I'm half asleep.

So thats what I've been loving this month. Hopefully October will be a little more settled and I can use the same products for at least a couple of weeks and find something I love

xoxo Scruffy

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