Friday, 1 July 2016

Thrift Haul - June 2016

Another month, another thift shop finds post....

I wasn't even curious, not even a little till the Charity Shop "Boutique" oppposite my work suddenly went from ornate mannequins in the window to huge posters screamming "All Clothing 99p or less" and "All books 4 for £1". Then I had to have a rummage.

Inside the shop didn't most the amazing display of weird, wacky and wonderful I had hoped for. Largely it was just rails of Primark and Asda from the past two years. Oh and the trousers from 80's ladies power suits. Bright green polyester anyone? Even I draw a line somewhere.

That doesn't mean I left empty handed though. After a really good rummage I came across two items I wanted.

Later on in the month I got a craving to go and rummage again (I was waiting to meet a friend in town, sue me) and picked up a couple of other things for reasons I'm still not sure on.

June's (somewhat tiny) Haul

The grey tshirt. 99p

Its Mantaray, its soft, it'll make a nice lounging top and look a bit more classy than my Minions tshirt. Thats about it. Job well done

The two long beaded necklaces £1.49 each

I got these for one reason and one reason only. To relive the phase I went through when I used to wrap long necklaces round my wrist mulitple times to make a gorgeous (cough) and classy (cough) looking chunky bracelet.

OK. I know when I do it it looks neither of those things but it makes a funny noise when I move and gives me something for my hands to fidget with when I feel uncomfortable in a situation or feel stressed and need a distraction. I'm currently pretty stressed out due to a couple of things so these seemed like a good shout. The more stressed I get the more I withdraw from society and as my social life is actually a thing right now, I dont want to kill it... again.

And finally, that awesome, sexy, velvety, mini, off the shoulder, baggy, top, thing (a steal at a mere 99 shiny pennies).
Here's a better photo so you can basque in the awesome with me,

This is amazing.

A true classic and an example of why we need to wipe the 80's and 90's from everyones memories.

I think I'm going to try and wear it to my cousins 21st in August, maybe with some shiny, leather look leggings and blue eyeshadow. Unless I find something better, its way too hot to wear it (this thing is thiccck) or someone pays me not to. You have all been warned in advance.

xo Scruffy

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