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Makeup Revolution Haul June 2016

I buy quite a lot of make up (no more till after my hollibobs in September though) and if I can trust the company I will do it online, because places like Boots and Superdrug (and if I'm feeling sassy and rich Debenhams) are not fun at lunchtimes. Big crowds stress me out and waiting in line is annoying. Also if I get there and they have several of what I want but they're all funked up as people have chosen to open them rather than use a designated tester. No, just no. Why do that? It's just gross and unnecessary.

I fell in love with Makeup Revolution a while ago, however the bay in Superdrug is always heaving with people and out of what I want or they never even stocked it in the first place. So I was over the moon when I trial ordered off their website and it went well. Shipping can be a little (or in the case of my last order, a lot) slow however they are a small UK based company so I'll let them off.

I've now ordered from them four times, and never had any kind of problem except maybe some slow shipping. Everything arrives in a kind of magical bubble-wrap burrito and emerges item by item as you unwrap it. Its like an amazing, infuriating Christmas present that you've ordered yourself.

June's Haul
Top: I <3 Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette, Middle: Unicorns are Real and Mermaids vs Unicorns Palettes, Bottom: 1 Salvation Velvet Lacquer, 2 Ultra Velour Lip Creams and Two Matte Lipsticks
OK so June's haul maybe wasn't the biggest on record (not even close) and that's down to me owning most of what I want already and trying to save money. I set myself a strict budget and took so much out the shopping cart, its amazing how quickly an eyeshadow palette and a couple of £3 lipsticks becomes well over £40 and that was more than I had to play with.

Here's a breakdown of what I got.

I <3 Makeup - Naked Chocolate Palette

This palette is the reason I ended up on the website in the first place and had it been available when I placed my previous order (where I got the original I <3 Chocolate and Chocolate Vice palettes) , I probably wouldn't have even checked the website again. This palette is a glorious collection of nude shades. It is slightly on the satin/shimmery side of things however I find those shades are generally better than the the mattes so I'm totally fine with that.

I know own all the palettes in the I <3 Chocolate range and plan on doing a full post about them in the near future so if eyeshadow is your thing, look out for that.

Unicorns are Real and Mermaids Vs Unicorns Palettes
OK so I may have actually crept on to buy these anyway, even if I already had the Naked palette. A co-worker who I like to talk all things makeup with came in to work wearing one of the shades from Unicorns are Real and it looked so pretty I had to buy them.

 I've never tried the long thin pan type palettes from them before however, I love the salvation eyeshadow palettes which I have in Unicorns Unite and Dia de los Muertos (although the strange neon yellow matte in that one is beyond questionable). These only cost £4 each when I ordered, and I've paid more than that for an eyeshadow single in the past so even if only 3 colours are usable its still fine by me.

Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer - Keep Lying For You

When it comes to liquid lipsticks I want something with the longevity of LA Splash and the feel of NYX Soft Matte lip cream. In other words I want a the unicorn of liquid lippy and that ain't happening any time soon. I've tried a couple of the velvet lip lacquers before though and honestly they're not bad. They do come off on cups and food and need reapplied more than a higher end brand would. That being said though, they don't dry my lips out anywhere near as much, and they don't seem to peel or flake the way some liquid to matte formulas do so they're a nice compromise.

Keep lying for you just looked like a really pretty muted rose colour. Its a little like Rose Garden by LA Splash (which is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time) however slightly brighter and with a hint of purple to it.

Ultra Velour Lip Cream - Their Eyes Can't Find Us and All I Think About is You

I've never tried the lip creams before but I was curious so I thought I'd try a couple. Inside the box the packaging definitely looks and feel a bit cheaper than the Velvet Lip Lacquers. The font is more basic and the tube just doesn't feel or look as nice. They are actually cheap though, and anyway the packaging isn't such a big deal in the long haul.

Their Eyes Can't Find Us is a nice light "honey nude" kind of shade. I feel some people might describe it as their lips only better, however mine are very rosy red and will probably shine right through. Will keep you posted on how this goes.

All I Think About is You is basically a more pink Keep Lying For You. I also have the Velvet Lacquer in Rebel and all three of them are very similar colours. Definitely don't think I need all three of them but oh well.

When I was swatching these I noticed they have a sweet, artificial, cupcakey (vanilla maybe?) kind of smell. Its not unpleasant but if you're sensitive of lip products with a scent these maybe aren't for you. From memory the Velvet Lacquers don't have a noticeable or at least noteworthy smell so these might be better.

Matte Lipsticks - Duel and Propaganda

A while ago I tried one of their matte lipsticks in the colour Liberty (for the record its bright purple, I love really intense lip colours) and I was so impressed I figured I would try a couple more.
Swatches, Propoganda on the top and Duel on the bottom
I got Propaganda and Duel, both are reds and look virtually the same in the packaging, but when swatched (which I conveniently photographed when I got them, sorry about my raggedy nails) Propaganda shows up as a gorgeous pinky red where as Duel is more of a true red. Also they smell so good, and not that nasty fake watermelon smell you get with some drug store products. I can't describe it but there's something really nice about it. Makes me kind of want to lick them, don't worry though, I haven't given in and tried that yet. Will keep you posted if I do though.

I also got sent the three Iconic Bronze, Blush and Brighten trio palettes they were promoting recently as I spent (pennies) over £25. I'm not sure what I think about these yet. I barely highlight and do not bronze however as they were free, I'll have a play with them and let you know my thoughts.

Tried any of the Makeup Revolution products I bought. Let me know what you think.

XOXO Scruffy

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