Sunday, 3 July 2016

June 2016 Favourites

Well what a month June was. A lot of work, a lot of makeup and a new blog. A couple of meetups with friends and a lot of quiet nights in. 
This is just a rundown of some of my favourite things from the month. If you follow me on instagram or found this through instagram them you've probably already seen some of these but I'm going to go into some more depth here and explain why I love what I love.

Shearer Candles Tin Candle in Cranachan
OK, I've been in love and working on this candle for a while. I have it in the bathroom and light it when I'm having a proper pamper night. I was going to descibe the smell but Cranachan itself is a Scottish dessert of raspberries, cream, whisky, honey and oats and it smells like if you imagine that being a candle. Love it

Orange Lipstick
Up until the middle of last year (when I started getting into liquid to matte lipsticks) I only owned 3 lipsticks. There were two nudey pink kind of shades and a red one. I had a couple of lipglosses as well I would sometimes wear, but I really hate lipgloss so those were more if I needed something to finish my face with. Orange is not a colour you would have ever caught me in, and if you askes me if I thought it would look good on me, I would have told you hell no. Now, as much as I wear mostly a nude or a rose pink to work most days, I have a total love for a tangerine lip. And it looks surprisingly good seeing as my hair is an weak reddy brown colour and my face is usually the same colour as a tomato.

The one in the pic is the MUA Luxe velvet laquere in the colour Zest. 

 Superdrug Gentle Creamy Cleanser and Nip+Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask
(Please ignore the pore strips, I'm typing this late at night and didn't have the lighting for new pics)

The cleanser is as described. Its gentle, its creamy, it cleanses, it doesn't irrated or sting my skin in any way. Win. My only critisism is that it has "moisturising beads" in it, you know those little ball things that burst when you work them into your skin. I've never been a fan of these, even in my teeange years when I first started using cleansers I didnt see the appeal. I just dont understand why you couldn't just mix some extra moisturiser (or whatever) into the wash itself

The mask was something new to me. Up until earlier this year almost every mask I used was designed to calm down breakouts or unclog pores. Its only since I hit my quarter century I even began to consider maybe my skin needed something else. My focus changed from OMG my pores are blocked to OMG my pores are huge and I realised how dull and dehydrated my skin could look.

Its a little weird to use as its a clear gel, and it doesn't reallydry or set on the skin, so I have to guess when it needs washed off. I've used it three times since I got it and definetely leaves my skin feeling smoother and brighter and my pores looking more refined and reduced. I cant really speak for its wrinke reducing properties as thats not a concern for me...yet.

I'll definetly be looking into more Nip+Fab stuff once I've got my bathroom decluttereds. Look out for a post about that project in the next couple of days.

NYX Butter Lipstick in POPS (BL17)

So this took me way too long to get. It was a whole thing we wont get into right now. All you need to know is I think it took five trips to NYX counter in the St Enoch centre to get one that hadn't been ripped open already by someone else (boke). However it was worth the wait. I've used this almost every day since I got it. Its just a really nice nudey pink colour. Its not drying but I do feel like the formula dries down a little on my lips. It also doesnt seen to transfer nearly as easily as some of the other shades I have in this like Ripe Berry and Fizzies.

And lastly... My New Bedspread

Yeah soak in that tackiness. 

Thats all for now duckies.

xo Scruffy

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