Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Project Bathroom Declutter - Starting Point

I'm a hoarder, and a bargain hunter. My skin flip flops from spotty and oily to dry and sore and back again. I like moisturisers, but don't like it when the feel heavy, or doesn't absorb right and I get bored using things that smell the same every single day. My hair is thick, and kinda curly, and my scalp can be really sensitive and irrated sometimes. I like Lush products and often get huge bath sets as gifts.

My bathroom is a disaster!

Please keep in mind when looking at the photos, this is my bathroom. Not the bathroom of a family of four or even a couple, its just me. That level of clutter is all mine. (I also pulled a couple of hand creams and and wipes from my bedroom and handbag so I could give a more accurate report on my hoarding).

My goal for the past couple of months has been to use up as many of everything as I can without buying anything new if at all possible. And for the most part I've done pretty well. I have had to go out and by some face products as I was using things for more spot prone "teenage skin" but my skin began to get dry and sensitive so I had to shake it up a little.

I recently started keeping a count and I'm now at six bottles, a sample and an empty packet of wipes. Before that I was just kind of winging it but that wasn't making for a lot of progress so I thought a clear way to track would be better. I'm hoping to get it down to a lever where everything on the side fits the two pink plastic baskets you can barely see in the background (with the exception of a single shampoo, conditioner, scrub and body wash that can live on the bath). I also want to get rid of the clear plastic box full of Lush stuff and all the other loose bars and bits kicking about, then swap this out with something smaller and most visually pleasing.

Wish me luck guys, also if you have any tips on how to not get tempted and buy more stuff would be much appreciated.

xo Scruffy

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