Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Primark Beauty Haul - First Impressions

So on Sunday, which is now three days ago and I started typing this up the day I bought it. I've been busy trying to sell half my wardrobe on eBay and lumbered with technical problems. Anyway thats changing the subject. I discovered something amazing. All of Primarks PS. range is completely cruelty free, and it is cheap as chips.

 So heres what I got.


Nothing I bought cost more £2.50, which I though was great, however I couldn't get everything I wanted as the displays were nothing short of disgusting. Full of busted packaging and smashed powder over everything. It took me maybe 5 minutes to find 2 lipliners in the very large display that weren't opened. I wanted a couple of the lipsticks but I couldn't find any I liked that hadn't been opened and rubbed all over who knows what *boke*

 9 Shade Eyeshadow Palette £2.50
This really didn't impress me. The packaging was nice and chic however the pigmentation was pretty crap and they were so chalky and powdery. Also most of them look the same. Can't see me ever using it.

 Bronze 3pk Nail Polish £2.50
There's are really pretty. I've been rocking the copper tone on the left for 3 days now and its just beginning to chip. It doesn't dry hard as quickly as I'd like but for under £1 a bottle and colours that are this gorgeous, I can deal with it.

 Liquid Foundation in Ivory £2.50
Yicks, I hate full foundation. Hardly ever wear it. Maybe I should as my skin is constantly crapy, but I can't do it. I hate things that feel heavy and sticky and hot on my skin. I walk over a mile in my newly applied makeup to work before anyone even sees me in it. I've not put it on my face yet as my skin has been really sore and aggrivated lately and I don't want to risk making it worse. The colour looks like it would be the one closest to my skin and I will definetly give it a shot and let you know what I think .

Lipliners in Light Pink and Nude £1 each
I'd heard great things about these so I was annoyed when I could only get two that werent all funked up and ruined. I was needing more wearable lipliner colours so these were a good shout. They are really pretty good and I will be looking into getting some more of these. The nude one goes really well with my favourite work lipstick (NYX Butter lipstick in Pops). Winner.

Smudge Liner in Black £1
I haven't played with this much yet but it seems very nice. Very black, can make a sharp line but when smudged it can be softened to a nice smokey glow. Will use this some more and report back in.

Two Pack Eyeliner in White and Natural £1
Two eyeliners for £1, yes please. I was really unsure about these but once I swatched them on my hand I was sold. The white is super bright and the natural one is different to anything I already own. Not waterline tested them yet but again will test some more and file my report with you.

Items I didnt photograph

Loose face powder £2.00
It's loose powder, didn't know how to photograph it, didn't know why you would want me to. Its nice enough, rivals some drug store stuff. Holes are a bit big in the packaging but nothing disasterous.

Perfume stick in Fuchsia £2.00
Solid perfume in a pencil stick. It smells nice, not super strong but thats not bad. The pencil means you don't need to get it all over your fingers and the clear wax is great as you don't end up with a coloured streak on your neck or arms if it doesn't get rubbed in right. Now it lives in my handbag.

Texture Spray £2 (or £2.50, I can't remember)
They make haircare so I might as well try it.  It smells nice and helps beachify my hair. Like it

All in all I'm impressed, even if the displays were gross. I'm probably not going to rush back for more anytime soon (although they are launching a "pro" range which I might need to checkout).

Tried any Primark Beauty, let me know what you think.

xo Scruffy

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