Saturday, 16 July 2016

Boots Rant - Bad Experiences at the NYX Stand

NYX Cosmetics are a brand that are fairly new to me. I'd heard of them but alas, thought getting them anywhere in the UK other than Boots horrific website was a no go(which I wasn't about to risk my sanity trying to order from there. Trust me, its not good for cosmetics puchases!). So when I wandered into their St Enoch store looking for my lunch one overtime shift at work and was suddenly greated by a huge NYX dislpay I was one happy bunny.

Well I say happy bunny, what I mean is surprised, then happy, then annoyed at having to fight for my lipstick, then annoyed at the queue. Once I got home my anger subsided though as, for being one of the lower end lipsticks you can get in the UK (I think they're £5.50) so similar to Rimmel maybe. I dont know how much brands like Rimmel and Maybeline cost anymore, as they're not cruelty free I tried to avoid buying from them. 

 On my first trip I found two colurs I absolutely loved. Number 11 - Licorice and 17 - Pops.

 Pops was sold out though... Boooo. Hissss.

Next time I was in Boots I decided to check if they had Pops back in. They did. One was snapped in the tube, break clearly visable through the panel, and the other had been opened by someone and rubbed all over god only knows what. Yuck. Use the tester, people!

I did pick up another couple of colours, cute pink shades called Fizzies and Cotton Cady. I was in a very girly mood that day.

Trip three, also called the time I almost lost it at a member of Boots staff.

Nipped into Boots for lunch and a new eyeliner, decide to swatch all the things. You know how it goes. Check up on Pops. I feel like this lipstick is becoming my Moby Dick and I'm wondering why bother, is it really worth it?

I round the corner, I check the display, they have two in stock. I'm reaching for them, they're in my hand....

 I quickly realise that both of them have been torn open, and rubbed all over things, by some discusting human being hellbent on ruining my day. A quick survey of the NYX display tells me that this is not an isolated incident. Pops isn't being  targeted, people are just being shit and ripping things open despite they're being plenty of testers for everything.

As this is my third trip I decide to find a member of staff and ask if they have any more, and also point out the state of the display, cause its disgusting and its right at the front of the store. I'd have got my arse booted if I left a display stand like that when I used to work in retail.

Locating a member of staff takes some time as there is no-one around and I'm beginning to see why the displays look so messy and gross. I eventually find someone and am like "Hey, I want to buy this lipstick but you only have these two ripped up ones out, do you have any more?"

She looks at me like I have about three nipples growing out my face, before telling me they don't. NYX gets stocked daily in the morning but they don't hold anything in reserve in the shop. I then ask what she wants me to do with the ripped up, nasty, open ones.

She tells me to "just put them back on the shelf".

Wait. What? You want me to put unsanitary, broken products you're not allowed to sell for hygeine reasons back in a huge display at the front of the store?

I couldn't deal with it. I sat them down solemnly on the shelf next to her and walked back to the makeup section to find my eyeliner. I then see her sticking them back in amoungst the lipsticks for sale. Thinking about it makes my brain hurt.

I didnt go in for a while after that as I couldn't cope with the display and the disappointment.

Last Saturday I was in town and between saying goodbye to a friend and meeting more and had to stock up on some bits. So headed to an uncharacteristicly quiet Boots, as I also wanted to grab some food and their sandwiches are (usually) nicer that Superdrugs.

My plan was to ignore all the make up, just get what was on the list and leave. Just keep walking, you don't need it. Just keep walking, just keep walking. You get where I'm going with this.

 Anyway, theres not a route through the store that involves me not going near any of the makeup however I pick the route that goes straight up the centre as then all I have to tempt me is the end displays. In the summer thought they're full of bronzer anyway and thats of about as much interest to me as having e-coli again. And I'm walking, and I'm walking, and its going well. And I walk past the NYX end and... the pull is too strong. I can't beat it. I need to look.

And they have it in stock. Two of them in stock. And neither of them are all funked up. I had to take a moment to catch my breath. What was happening to my life?

I bought that lipstick then and there. Best thing that happened for at least a couple of hours. I then went for a late lunch and drinks with some friends and quickly forgot about my victory against the cosmetic gods.

Was it worth that crazy level of effort though for a semi-sheer nude coloured lipstick?

Oh hell yeah it was. I got it three weeks ago today (boyfriend was a Glastonbury festival, only reason I know the dates) and I'd say I've probably worn it between 12 and 14 times, and I dont always do my makeup at the weekend so more than two thirds of the time.  It is my favourite lipstick for work and is really easy to not screw up first thing in the morning. Seeing as for the next few weeks I'll be starting work at 7am is something I need in my life.

The other Butter lipsticks I own are nice. I dont think they wear as well, but that might be because they are more out distinct colours (baby and bright pink, berry and purply brown) so it more obvious when they've rubbed off. Also it might be because I'm more concious of my makeup when I wear them, so naturally I check up more than nude tones, so I dont realise the nudes have worn off so much.

Had a bad NYX stand experience? Let me know in the comments.

xo Scruffy

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