Sunday, 26 June 2016

Thrift Haul - May 2016

I love thrift shops. I love having no idea what the heck I'm going to find. I love the tackiest, nastiest, most garish things ever. I love not spending a lot of money on anything if I can avoid it (except maybe mascara, I've paid a lot for mascara before.

I live in Glasgow, more specifically the Southside of Glasgow. But not the posh bit. This area is full of charity shops selling a huge variety of weird and wonderful items donated by the highly diverse population.

About once a month I give into my (often morbid) curiosty and go for a rumage. Sometimes I find amazing steals, items that are new with tags (hello Rocha John Rocha jeans I got for 99p last year), Terry Pratchett books and super cute vintage items that I love. Sometimes I find hideous prints, clashing colours, and things that may have come from the 90's that I love more.

I love sharing my findings with the world for, you know, purely scientific reasons. And also so you can all gasp in horror at my poor taste.

May's Haul 

May's haul is going down in history as the first time I've ever manage to get items that go together well enough for me to create two distinct looks with it. One for the office and one for funsies. I also found an item with maybe the most discustingly awesome print my eyeholes have ever had the pleasure of viewing.


Teal Cap Sleeved Top £2.50
Cute, collared, some classy cleavage through the wee peep hole and originally from Next. I cant say for sure how much it cost originally, I know it was more than the £2.50 I paid though.

Black Skater Skirt £2

The skirt is from New Look and I presume it originally came with one of those crappy, fake leathery, shiny belts that come with everything and everyone owns like 3 of but never wears. I really dont care thats not there, I swear every time I dig to the back of my wardrobe, the ones I have have multiplied quietly back there and are plotting world domination. Its just a plain black skater skirt, fills a hole in my wardrobe nicely.

The Hogfather - Terry Pratchett

So I'm a huge Discworld fan, I have been since I read the Wee Free Men when I was 13 or 14. A few weeks later I found a couple of his books in a local charity shop (The Colour of Magic and Sourcery I think, however I've actually got a huge amount of my Discworld collection from second hand shops so I cant be 100%) and I've never looked back. I already own The Hogfather but it wasnt in the old Josh Kirby cover, and his cover design is amazing, so when I come across the older ones I snap them up. 50p.

And the grand finally....

That shirt! 99p

What can I say about this. Huge Roses. Sky Blue. Shiny Popper Buttons. Its like I designed myself a shirt. I love it and wont hear a bad word said about it. Its actually proven wearable as well (which came a shock to evern yours truely)

See, told you it was wearable.

xo Scruffy

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