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Milani Baked Powder Blush in Berry Amore and Luminoso Review - Cruelty Free Drug Store Cosmetics

I've been obsessing over blush recently. It was always a neglected area of my makeup collection, I owned a lot but only ever wore one or two of them. Recently I discovered Milani (a brand you have to order online in Scotland), and decided to give a couple of theirs a go as well. 

The two I got were Berry Amore (top left) and Luminoso (bottom right). Also how amazing is the packaging. It is only plastic but it feels sturdy and doesn't look cheap, much love for it. 

And here's what the pans look like. They are so, so pretty. Berry Amore is a gorgeous, soft, taupe based pink with tiny flecks of gold glitter through it. I like it a lot and have worn it almost every day since I bought it. Luminoso is more of a shiny peach colour, it has a sheen but doesn't appear to have any glitter in it. I really like it but Berry Amore is just more my colour,

And here are some finger swatches. As you can see they're very pretty. The powder is really finely milled and blends out beautifully. From experience they also last all day and I feel they are amazing quality for a drug store blush.

My only issue with these blushes is the packaging to blush ratio is insane. You can see from the photos the pan of blush is far smaller than the packaging itself. and is actually really thin. It flips open it reveal a mirror and a tiny, plastic brush that really isn't worth what its made out of. 

I'm never going to use this part of either of them and actually really wish they weren't there. I'm considering gluing this part shut as there's no catch keeping it closed and when you try and open the blush it has a habit of coming open. Its not a deal breaker and it wouldn't stop me buying more. It's just annoying. Also I wish brands would stop including low value, mini applicators with products (like the super cheap brushed that come with some eyeshadow palettes). If we're buying your stuff online and paying shipping and so on, we have a means of applying it to our skin.

Overall, despite my packaging complaints, I do really like these products, am considering getting more next time I order from Milani and would highly recommend them. Each blush contains 3.5g of product and at £7.49 off the Milani Website and £8 off Beauty Bay I think they're fantastic value for money.  If I do get another one soon I think it'll be Rose D'Oro which looks gorgeous. Also the photos of the colours are far better on Beauty Bay, but the direct website (in the UK at least) ships DPD who now deliver to an assortment of high street stores you can pick up from. So it might be worth checking anything you want on Beauty Bay to confirm the colour then ordering direct. One of the shops they deliver to is Matalan so I got my order sent to the Jamaica Street store in the centre, very handy and the staff were really nice (even thought they had to run about and look through their delivery whilst I waited).   

Do you have a favourite Milani product I need to try? Or anything you'd like to see me review? Please let me know in the comments.

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