Monday, 28 November 2016

Review: Lush Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar - Cruelty Free Skin Care

When I did my Halloween Lush Haul in early October (post here) the wee Goth Fairy bar was one I wasn't sure about reviewing. How would I go about it? Its not like I have anything to judge it against. Then I fell in love with it and wanted to share my thoughts regardless. 

Can we start by just discussing how cute this little spookle is? So adorably cute. She a lovely lilac colour and smells a lot like snow fairy, or for those those who aren't familiar with Lush, old school raspberry Calpol. Its really sweet, but also nice. I'm more a fan of earthy, floral or citrus scents, but the Snow Fairy Christmas scent from Lush is one I make an exception for.

So what does it do? It's somewhere between a moisturiser and a body glitter, which I know sounds like something I would not enjoy, but I really do. 

Fun fact, I'm writing this post in the background. 
As you can see from the photo, I am a) wearing matching pyjamas that have stars on them, and b) my arm is sparkly. That gorgeous smell I mentioned before last a really long time on the skin. It's also moisturising, but not heavy or greasy, and the moisturiser soaks in very, very quickly. Like most of what I mention on this blog, I really like it. 

The Lush website states that it has almond oil in it that provides "Hydration for skin and hair". I have a theory you could use it on your hair before a big night out, like the glitter spray you used to get in the late 90's/early 00's. I'm not sure why you would want to do that, but I think you could and it would probably be quite good for your hair. If anyone wants to do that, for science, then please please let me know how it goes. 

XOXO Scruffy 

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