Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Black Friday 2016 - Urban Decay and Kiko Milano Bargains - Cruelty Free and Gorgeous Finds

I originally hadn't  planned on buying anything over Black Friday. Its not a UK thing and I hadn't been expecting the high street here to offer anything. Also I really didn't need any more make up. 

That being said.... Debenhams sent me another £5 beauty club voucher (I had one two weeks ago when I bought the Naked Ultimate Basics palette) and had a further 10% off all beauty. I decided to wander through and just check if there was anything I wanted, that was my first mistake.

The moment I got as far as the Urban Decay counter I realised I was splashing some cash. I had thought about getting the Spectrum palette, but I realised I already had a bunch of bright palettes that I never ever used. My other option was the new Moondust palette. On one hand I was like its really glittery and you only want it cause its shiny. On the other hand, I really don't own anything this sparky or shimmery, well not that has such insane colours. So it would be filling a gap in my collection. You already know which hand one.

So with the discount and my £5 off I got this for £26.50, so I saved £8.50, which I thought was really good.

More gorgeous photos. I'm going to do a full first impressions post on this palette with swatch photos and the like as part of Blogmas. It wont be a full review as I would want to use it for two straight weeks before hand and I wont be doing that because its not something I would be wearing day to day normally.

The only other place I went was Kiko Milano on Saturday. Again I hadn't planned on it but they were doing a buy 3 get 3 free. I don't own many Kiko products but had heard good things and was always swatch brilliantly when I go for a lunch time wander up to the Buchanan street store. 

I ended up getting four lip and two eyes products, and only paid for three of them. It was a really good deal if you just wanted to buy things to have a play with. We need to start by talking about how much they are killing it with the packaging. The lipgloss and lipstick in the middle both look and feel so luxurious. So much love.

So left to right I got the: Unlimited Double Touch Liquid Lipstick in 101 Soft Rose, 3D Hydra Lipgloss in 22 Sparkling Red Garnet, New Unlimited Stylo Lipstick in 17 Tulip Red and the Everlasting Colour Precision Liner in 415 Sangria.

I know it seems completely out of character for me to willingly buy a lipgloss but I've swatched the Hydra Glosses a couple of times in store and never found them sticky on my hands. I have tried this on my lips since I took the swatch photos and it is not sticky at all. The glitter does make it slightly grainy but its not an issue (much rather have slightly grainy that super sticky). It also looks so pretty. I might need to get more of these, but that's an after Christmas thing.

The last thing I picked up was two of the long lasting stick eyeshadows in 06 Golden Brown and 21 Passion Fruit. These are also something I've swatched in store and man do they cling to the skin. I am really excited to use these on my eyes and see how they last. I'm also hoping they might speed up my morning routine if they're something I can just rub on, blend a bit and go. I'll let you know how that goes.

Did you get any awesome Black Friday bargains? Let me know what you got or leave me a link in the comments

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