Sunday, 25 September 2016

M&S Limited Collection Lipsticks & Lip Lacquers - With Swatches

So right before my holiday I was in the beauty section of Marks and Spencers "testing" expensive handcream and perfume when I came across these multipacks. I'd just gotten paid and decided that I would give them a go.  They were a gamble though as there was no way for me to swatch them in store and as they were cheap, they could be nasty.

Limited Collection Shades of Plum Lipstick Collection 3 Pack £12

 These packs come in three different sets, Shades of Red, Shades of Pink and Shades of Plum. I got the plum ones as they were the most different from anything I owned. That way, if they were decent and usuable I wouldnt have too much cross over.

Left to right: Plum, Mallow and Grape
I'm not sure if I love or hate the packaging. It feels very cheap and bulky, and with the cap on it looks like the cheap makeup you get on the dimly shelves next to the proper makeup displays in shops like Savers. When the caps off though, I dont hate it. If it was all silver with a clear cap it might have looked better. I'm not sure.
Left to right: Plum, Mallow and Grape
And look at these swatches.  I was so disappointed. The colours look so nice in the tubes but there is next to no pigmentation there. I had to actually try and build Plum up so you could see it more. They perform even worse on the lips, I've tried both Mallow and Grape and I had to re-apply every time I drank or ate anything. Every single time. And sometimes in between. 

They also have that weird cheap lipstick smell, not the watermelon one, the fake vanilla frosting one. Its just yuck.  I expected more from Marks & Spencers. I recently got given a Barry M lipstick that had amazing pigmentation, staying power and no nasty fake smell. I personally consider Barry M a cheap and fairly nasty brand, so for me to say I their lipstick is far better these should tell you everything you need to know. 

Limited Collection Pastel Pop Lip Lacquer 3 Pack £8

This was the only colour this set came in. I think these colours are really cute, so I would have picked them. The colours aren't named so I think I'll call them the pink one, the nude one and the orange one.

I actually really like the packaging. The squeezy tubes are a nice change to the standard clearly plastic viles liquid lipsticks usually come in and the gold caps are just enough to make them look chic without being over the top. The doe-foot applicators are really nice as well. The stick isn't too long (like the Kat Von D ones) and the doe foot isn't too big (like the NYX Liquid Suede ones) or weirdly bendy.

After the disappointment of the other lip products I really wasn't expecting much however these are really nice. Look at those colours. Especially that orange.  Love orange lip products.

So these are a bit weird. The apply really nicely, like a lip cream. The don't matte down and dry like most liquid lipsticks but aren't shiny and glossy. They also aren't sticky like a gloss. Its doesn't smell bad, I actually dont think it smells of much, although it does have a slight smell.

The only downside is that because it doesn't fully dry down, it can be quite smudgy. I loose half of it to my mug every time I have a cup of tea. I have worn it out and if you're out and about (cough*at the pub*cough) and drinking through a straw, it does last far better than any other liquid in its price range.

Also check how good the orange looks with my sunglasses. 

xoxo Scruffy

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