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Holiday Packing - Summer Beauty Haul & Review

So I planned on having this post up before I went on holiday but that didn't happen. I wanted to discuss why I bought what I had, I'm going to do a mini review instead though. Good times.
I'm going to split this into three categories, skin care, hair care and sun care. Two products a peice.Theres also a fail with a funny photo coming at the end, so we'll all get a laugh. Everything featured here is cruelty free as well. 

Skin Care

Yes to Carrots Night Cream
I knew my skin was going to take a beating abroad. I break out at the thought of applying sunscreen to my face, and true to form, I had face demons from day two. For that reason I wanted any other products I was using to be very gentle, calming and without too many harsh scents or colours.

This cream is nice, it soaks in easily and does hydrate well. The texture kind of reminds me of Sudocrem nappy cream. It has that same almost dry texture when you rub it on your face. That's the only similarity to baby's butt cream though.

 My least favourite thing is thing about it is the way it smells. As there's no added fragrance it just smells like the base they've used and its not the nicest. I can live with it though. I can think of a lot of things I put on my body that smell way worse.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. Its not my favourite and I'm sure there are far better creams out there. I'm probably going to go back to the Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Enhancer, once I'm finished this and some of the other creams I have in the bathroom. If I can't find something I want or the Soap and Glory cream is out of stock when I need a new one, then I'd repurchase.

Lush Eau Roma Water Toning Water
Lets be honest here, I only bought this so I could spray myself in the face with something cold when I got too hot. And it smells funky. I do like that about it.

OK, I don't really think I can give this a fair review. I don't use a toner everyday. I never have and its just a whole other thing I'll research one day but I don't feel I need in my life. Right now my routine is face wash and moisturiser and that usually does me pretty well. I really did just want the novelty, and I mean I pre-planned buying this so I knew what I was doing, of being able to cool my face off with a spray bottle type product.

This was nice, it was refreshing, the smell is good. I've been spraying it on my face in the middle of my skincare routine, after wash but before moisturiser, and I can't say its doing anything except making my face smell pretty. Who knows?

Would I buy it again? Nope. I like the smell and its fun but that's it.

Hair Care

Lush Jason and the Argon-oil Shampoo
Lush's solid shampoo bars are just about my favourite shampoos on the market. I have 3 favourite bars Braziliant, Montalbano and this one. Its a lovely rose scented bar that lathers really well and leaves my hair lovely and shiny. I still have loads of this bar left as they last a really long time and are great value for money.

Would I buy it again? Definitely. But I won't need to for a while which is great.

Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner 

I don't normally get solid conditioner, and when I have in the past I've always opted for Jungle. When I was in-store buying this stuff two staff members recommended this one though.

Personally that may have been the wrong decision. It smells really nice and reminds me a little of Parma Violets although it doesn't directly smell of them. Its more solid than Jungle and I found it harder to use though. It also probably wasn't thick enough to tame my wild hair. If I combined it with a lot of the leave in Macadamia Oil treatment I sometimes use then I got OK results, but that made my hair feel more heavy than I like.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. Will I use it up? Yeah, its not terrible.

Sun Care

Superdrug Solait Factor 50 Sun Spray
I hate suncreen. I need it though. I burn so quickly and so badly, its almost like one of the X-men but I have the worst power possible. I really hate the horrible, sticky, gloopy creams so this seemed like a good idea.

Overall it wasn't bad. It was easy to apply, didn't smell and the whole time I used it, I did not burn. Exactly what I want in a sunscreen.

Would I buy it again? Yeah, its fine, reasonably priced and cruelty free.

Superdrug Solait 50+ Anti-Aging Face Fluid

 Further to my previous rant about my deep rooted hatred of sunscreen, it gets worse.  The feelings I have about rubbing sunscreen on my body get amplified about a hundred times when it comes to putting it on my face. Sunscreen usually breaks me out like crazy as well, especially down my nose and thats an area that usually doesn't get too spotty and bad.

 I wanted to mininise the amount this happened so I thought I'd try a specialised face cream in the hopes it would moisturise and protect without the added face demons.

Did it work?.... Nope. The first full day it was fine, no problem and it seemed nice. However by mid way through day two I had a nice strip of spots down my nose. I tried to keep going with but the next day forehead and chin had completely broken out too and I had to give up. My other half kept using it though and he was totally fine. I think with these kind of products its all down to skin type.

Would I buy it again? Not for me. If my boyfriend asked for sunscreen for a trip he was going on then I might get it for him though. Not a bad product, just not for me.

And now onto that fail I mentioned...

This stuff...

Yeah thats what light looks like...

Shiny, orange and gross (just check out my hairline, eyebrows and the marks on my neck).

I showed this photo to a girl in work and she actually thought I had some kind of peel off mask on. I 100% would not recommend this. It went straight in the bin after I took this photo. 

If you do have pale skin and are looking for a tinted moisturiser/BB cream type product, I would recommend the Autograph Illuminating Touch Tinted Moisturiser in light from M&S. Its more pricey at £9.50 but if you're like me; pale as can be, hate heavy products that require a lot of work and don't want to end up looking tangerine, its a good all rounder.

xoxo Scruffy

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