Sunday, 27 August 2017

Rolling Project Ten Pan Roulette - Start Point - Picked at Random - Urban Decay, Sleek, NYX, Makeup Revolution

So I recently decided it was time to start a makeup inventory and log everything I owned on a spreadsheet. This was to make sure everything I had was visible to me and I was getting proper use out of everything, and also with the hope I would start rotating through it. I got as far as eyeshadow palettes with 5+ pans before I realised I had way to many. I have 55 of those palettes with a total of 709 pans of eyeshadow, and after creating this project I did my quads/trios/duos as well. I have 14 of those, with another 46 pans(and will add them in to the mix at update one, I might add in singles and sticks at update two but I'm not finished that part yet). That's 755 pans of eyeshadow, before single pans, sticks and loose powders. I feel like I could cover my whole face in eyeshadow for the next year and I'd still have some left to get me through till January 2019.

It felt like time to get some proper use out of my palettes.  So what I have done to pick pans is run my number of palettes through Googles random number generator 10 times and cross referenced the number with where it falls on the spreadsheet for the palettes I'm including. And then to pick a pan I have run the generator again, using the number of pans in the palette and gone left to right and top to bottom. For example, with the chocolate vice palette I got pan 15, so the top row it 1 - 5, middle row is 6- 11 (yeah this is a messed up palette with different sized pans) and then 12,13, 14 and finally 15 on the bottom row takes us to the dark sparkly red. 

And now that all the technical stuff is covered, lets see if the google gods were kind to me

1. Freedom Makeup Pro Shade & Brighten Stunning Rose Kit - Pan 5 

2. Sleek i-Divine Palette in Enchanted Forest - Pan 12 Lady Tremaine

3. NYX Sex Bomb Palette - Pan 3

4. Revolution London Iconic Pro 2 - Pan 10 Silk

5. Wet n Wild Comfort Zone - Pan 1

6. Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box - Pan 4 Half Baked

7. Sleek i-Divine Palette in Garden of Eden - Pan 10 Evergreen

8. Makeup Obsessed Build Your Own 12 Pan Palette - Pan 6 Taupe (this will be different for everyone as I chose the colours for this.

9. I <3 Makeup Chocolate Vice Palette - Pan 15  

10. Revolution Dio De Los Muertos - Pan 3

And now for some swatches

LTR - Shades 1-5 (4 and 5 are very neutral shimmer tones)
LTR - Shades 6-10

Overall I didn't get a bad mix, things could have been so much worse. I've either used all of them in the past or tried them out since taking the pictures and colour wise the only one I may struggle to use regularly is the pink. Shade 3 is pretty chunky, flaky and glittery and when I tried to use it on the eye I really struggled. 4 and 5 are also very similar so I may focus on one of them and when I hit pan on the first one and cycle it out and start using another one.

I'll be back in a month to update you all on how things are going, and hopefully with some pan. If pan has been hit I will run the random number generator again and get a new pan from my collection to replace it with. There's no end date on this project and it will probably just roll month on month, as nothing needs used up or is beginning to go bad. It also means that if I end up with a new palette (like when I get to Sephora in November) then I can just put this to one side whilst I play with it an then come back to this.

If your doing a similar project please link any posts/youtube videos below. I love following project pans and seeing how everyone is doing. 

Until next time...

xoxo Scruffy

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