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Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighters in Pink Lights and Peach Lights - Cruelty Free Drugstore Makeup

Do not try and highlight with a brush like this unless you want to look crazy... Its just so pretty and silver I wanted to show it off.
 At the end of December I picked up these two baked highlighters from Revolution London through LuxPlus ( 'cause no one was having any luck with the TAM Beauty website over Christmas). I really enjoy peachy pink highlights and had religiously used the MUA pink highlighter for several months before getting these.

So on the left we have Pink Lights and on the right Peach Lights. As you can see I've really been playing with these and I've rubbed off some of the less indented design on the Peach one.

These retail for £3 on the Revolution and Superdrug website in the UK and $6 at Ulta in the States, though I'm not 100% sure all the colours are available. You get 7.5 grams of product in each, so you get a lot of product for your money. The packaging is really sturdy but it is a little cheap looking and feeling. I also really hate it when baked products come with unnecessary domed packaging. It just means I can't stack them and that's a big issue as my storage is a little limited.

OK so they miraculously switched sides in the photo above (the makeup pixies did it, honest...?!) but as you can see the formula isn't consistent. Peach lights is a bit smoother and more finely milled than pink lights, which has some clunky glittery fallout from it. I prefer peach lights and the fallout is the reason I haven't really played around with it much.  They are both beautiful and can be built up to be really intense if that's your thing, I am personally more a fan of a subtle healthy glow though.

Both highlighters have a very frosty silvery sheen to them, as a pale girl from a cold climate that suits me fine. I mean look at my wrist, its almost as white as the background. These probably wouldn't suit anyone with a skin tone that much deeper than mine, though I do think they have a gold, a bronze and a rose gold one that would probably look lovely on deeper skin tones.

And this is the above two swatches blended out. I did my best to not smudge them into each other but as I hadn't set the finger swipes out intending to blend out (I like the live dangerously and go with the swatch flow). It was a little bit difficult. Far more of the Pink Lights base colour shows once its blended, its really clear on the other edge of my hand where that highlight stops. Peach Lights doesn't do this as much, but that might be due to the peachy tone being closer to my skin colour than the pink one. Both shades do end up a little sparkly, but if you apply with a light hand, and aren't packing them on like I was for the swatches, they can give a really nice, subtle, glowy highlight.

Would I recommend them?

Overall, its a big, fat yes from me. They are a little glittery, and the pink one has some fallout, but they are £3 for 7.5 grams of products (which will last you forever) and the peach one is so pretty. 

If you are wanting something pink and highlighty, but not glittery at all, my current favourite for subtle days in the Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Moon Glow Lights. Its just a lovely, subtle powder, that catches the light in the most beautifully natural way. 

Thats all for now duckies.

XOXO Scruffy

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